Saturday 31 August 2013

Allegations of kidnappings of Sarin victims

I am providing this directly from Facebook.

Syrian Children who died in the Sarin Chemical Weapons attack had been KIDNAPPED from the Latakia Region, an Assad Stronghold.

Via Facebook

"Arabi Souri" posted that people in the region recognized some of the kids in the photos from Ghouta: the chemical weapons' slaughter: There have been kidnappings in the region. One of the kidnappers is called Abu Suhaib Alleebi, who calls himself the " Emir of the Mujahadeen Brigade." He is apparently Libyan:

This demands investigation.

Here is the kidnapper in Lattakia and we did voice/words and facial recognition with another video below this one

The man we believe is the same one is at 4:47 mins


This happened at the dawn of Sunday 4/8/2013 :

Names of kidnapped people from village "#Nabata":

1 - Hajja Sheikh Ibrahim (Hafiz Shehadeh's wife).
2- Fahima Mohamed Osman.
3- Ramza al Sheikh and (4)her daughter Tayma.
5- Child: Amer Ghassan Yahya
6- Ahmed Shehadeh and (7) his wife Shaza Hattab and (8) their little baby :9 months
9- Ali Hattab
10- Kazem Mehrez Shehadeh and (11) his wife Dyaa Sweid and their three children:
(12)Ola - (13)Haider - (14) Zain: one year old.
15- Mona Fatima (Kidnapped After they slaughtered her husband)
17- Samara alSheikh.
18- Lotus alSheikh.
19- Marah alSheikh.
20- Anaam alSheikh, 13 years old.
21- Bashar al-Sheikh,11 years old.
22- Ahmed Alhiekh.
23- Aktham AlSheikh.

Names of kidnapped people from village "#Alhmbushiah" by Al-Nusra Front:

1- Fadel Shakouhi.
2- Wazifa Shakouhi.
3- Kenanah Shakouhi.
4- Afief Shakouhi.
5- Moustafa Shakouhi.
6- Faten Maryam.
7- Wedad Maryam.
8- Elien Maryam.
9- Doaa Maryam.

These information is documented, but it's not the final and complete report

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