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Escalation in Syria after American attack

Russian Warship Steaming Toward U.S Destroyers Off Syria Coast

7 March, 2017

Early this morning we reported that as part of its response to the Syrian attack, in addition to suspending communication with U.S. forces designed to stop planes colliding over Syria, the Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich would be deployed to the Tartus naval base in Syria. The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s frigate The Admiral Grigorovich, currently on a routine voyage, would enter the Mediterranean later on Friday, a military-diplomatic source in Moscow told TASS, adding that the ship would make a stop at the logistics base in Syria’s port of Tartus.

Russia wasted no time, and as FN reports, moments ago, the Russian frigate, Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494, crossed through the Bosphorus Strait “a few hours ago” from the Black Sea, according to a U.S. defense official. 

The Russian warship is now in the eastern Mediterranean steaming in the direction of the U.S. warships. The Admiral Grigorovich is armed with advanced Kalibr cruise missiles. 

According to the official version, the frigate was bound for the Syrian port of Tartus on a routine voyage, the Russian news agency TASS reported Friday, citing a military-diplomatic source.

BREAKING:Russia Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate armed w/ cruise missiles about to enter the Mediterranean heading to naval base in Tartus

"The Russian ship armed with cruise missiles Kalibr will visit the logistics base in Tartus, Syria," the source said, according to TASS. The ship was currently near the Black Sea straits, Tass reported.  The ship left on a voyage after stopping at Novorossiisk for supplies and taking part in a joint exercise with Turkish ships in the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, Fox News adds that one of the American destroyers that launched the missiles into Syria started heading to an undisclosed location to rearm.

Just hours after unleashing a missile strike on Syria, Steven Mnuchin announced that the US will announce sanctions “in the near future” against the Assad regime.

Joined by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in a briefing at Mar-a-Lago estate, the Treasury Secretary said the U.S. would impose sanctions on Syria “to stop this type of activity," according to a pool report and multiple media reports. It wasn't clear what sanctions are under consideration: last time we checked the local Four Seasons had seen better days, as for the war-ravaged economy we very much doubt it relies on trade with the US, or has substantial cash deposits in US banks, although those regions of Syria still under ISIS control are surely regular beneficiaries of having their banks hooked up to SWIFT.

Mnuchin’s announcement was the latest sign that the Trump administration continues to escalate efforts against the Syrian President one week after Rex Tillerson said Assad's fate would be in the hands of Syria's people

Just when you thought this day could not get any more bizarre, here comes Reuters with a headline, citing the infamous Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, that Syrian warplanes have taken off from air base hit by U.S., carry out strikes in Homs countryside..

JUST IN: Syrian warplanes take off from air base hit by U.S., carry out strikes in Homs countryside - Syrian observatory for human rights

The governor of Homs said that at least five people had been killed in the strike, three of whom were Syrian soldiers. He also stated that at least seven people had been wounded. Meanwhile, Syria's SANA news agency has reported nine civilian deaths, including four children.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also said that six MiG-23 fighter jets had been destroyed, but added that much of the runway remained intact, describing the operation's efficiency as “quite poor."

Low efficiency’: Only 23 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 reached Syrian airfield, Russian MoD says

‘Low efficiency’: Only 23 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 reached Syrian airfield, Russian MoD says
FILE PHOTO: Shayrat Airfield in Homs, Syria is seen in this DigitalGlobe satellite image released by the U.S. Defense Department on April 6, 2017. © DigitalGlobe / U.S. Department of Defense / Reuters

7 April, 2017

The Russian Defense Ministry says the US missile strike on a Syrian airfield wasn't very effective, with only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles reaching their target. The locations of the remaining 36 missiles’ impact is now unknown, the ministry added.

The strike on the Shayrat airfield in Syria’s Homs Province destroyed a material storage depot, a training facility, a canteen, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station.

The runway, taxiways and the Syrian aircraft on the parking apron remained undamaged, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman said in a statement.
The ministry described the combat efficiency of the strike as “quite poor.”

On April 7, 2017, between 3:42am and 3:56am Moscow time, two US Navy destroyers (USS Porter and USS Ross) fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat airfield in Homs Province, Syria, from an area near the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to our sources, only 23 of them reached the Syrian airbase,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said, adding that the points of impact of the other 36 cruise missiles remain unknown.

The ministry also slammed the US actions as “a gross violation” of the memorandum of understanding signed by Moscow in Washington back in 2015 to prevent flight incidents in Syrian airspace.

All justifications for the strike are “groundless claims,” the ministry continued.
Russia made an earlier statement that the Syrian forces did not use chemical weapons. We are waiting for clarification from the US on undisputed – as they claim – evidence that it was the Syrian Army that deployed chemical weapons in the town of Khan Sheikhoun.”

The ministry also pointed to the events that followed the strikes, a large-scale offensive against the Syrian Army carried out by Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front terrorists.

We hope that this offensive was in no way coordinated with the US,”the ministry said.

"A number of measures aimed at strengthening and improving the effectiveness of the Syrian air defense system will be implemented in the near future in order to protect the vital parts of the Syrian infrastructure," Konashenkov said.

The Russian military was at the airbase during the attack on the United States — details

Российские военные были на авиабазе во время удара США — подробности

This morning, the U.S. Navy produced more than 50 cruise missiles "Tomahawk" at the air base of al-Sirat in the Syrian province of HOMS, causing significant losses, the exact amount of which is still unknown.

At the moment it is known that American missiles struck the airfield base, aircraft hangars and fuel tankers, reports Arab Agency AMN.

The rocket hit the tankers with the fuel caused a series of explosions and a large fire, which is still not resolved.

At least 15 jet fighters were damaged or completely destroyed.

One fighter pilot was killed, several others injured.

Soldiers from the base of al-Sirat reported that at the time of the missile attack of the USA on the basis there were a large number of soldiers armed forces. 

According to preliminary data, anybody from them has not suffered, since the major attacks occurred on the flight fields, tankers with fuel and the hangars.

US threatens new attacks on the infrastructure of Syria

СРОЧНО: США угрожают новыми ударами по инфраструктуре Сирии

The US has threatened new strikes against the military infrastructure of Syria.

The threat was voiced by US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley.

"We are ready to do more, but I hope that this will not be necessary," she said at a meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in Syria.

In social networks in connection with the act of aggression from the United States are gaining popularity hashtag #Trump_terroristand#STOP_USA_TERROR

Russia suspends flight safety memorandum over Syria after US missile strike – Foreign Ministry 

Russia suspends flight safety memorandum over Syria after US missile strike – Foreign Ministry

FILE PHOTO: Russia's Su-25 aircraft take off from Hmeimim airbase escorted by Syria's MiG-29 fighter jets. © Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation / Sputnik

Russia has suspended the memorandum of understanding on flight safety in Syria with the United States amid the US missile strike on Syria’s Shayrat military airfield, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement.

Without bothering to investigate anything, the US went forward with a demonstration of force, a military confrontation with a country that is fighting international terrorism,” the Foreign Ministry’sstatement reads.

Turkey calls for no-fly zone over Syria – president’s spokesman

Turkey calls for no-fly zone over Syria – president’s spokesman

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, supported the US missile strikes against the Shayrat airbase, saying they show that alleged chemical and conventional attacks targeting civilians won’t “go unpunished.”

A no-fly zone and safe zones must be established and enforced without delay, the spokesman said. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has stated that safe zones are now “more important than ever.”

Steps that will ensure similar crimes do not go unpunished and accountability is established will have the full support of Turkey,” the ministry said in a written statement cited by Reuters.

The ministry also spoke out in support of removing Syrian President Bashar Assad and his government, while calling for the establishment of a transitional government.

It is necessary to oust this regime as soon as possible from the leadership of Syria,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglusaid told reporters, also calling for “necessary steps” to be taken in case Assad “doesn't want to go.”

US warships in the eastern Mediterranean fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian Shayrat airfield on Friday. Previously, Washington had accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against civilians in Idlib province. The Pentagon claims that the targeted airfield was used for Tuesday’s attack, which reportedly left up to 86 people dead, including 26 children.

Damascus has denied all the allegations, saying that Syrian jets targeted an arms depot where chemical weapons were stockpiled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front militants.

Russia has condemned America's attack on the Syrian airfield. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “the Syrian Army doesn’t possess chemical weapons,” adding that the fact had been confirmed by the UN chemical weapons watchdog, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

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