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Medical kidnapping

Today I listened to Garry Null as he discussed case of medical kidnapping where children with difficult medical conditions have been removed from their mother on the grounsd that they have been 'bad parents'. 

Usually it turns out that the parents have had disagreements with hospital treatments as the doctors who do not know what to do are guessing and experimenting with treatments and rather than admit their failure (and/or incompetence) remove the child from the parent(s) and ascribe blame.

Apart from being a disgusting mispractice and denial of human rights this resonates with me and my own experience with a medical system that does not have the humility to admit they don't have the foggiest idea what is going on while patronising or criticising practises that do help. 

I do not mention, for example, that I use coffee enemas and that they help to keep me above water.

Teenager Isaiah Rider Speaks Out After Being Taken From His Mom In Medical Kidnapping Case

Isaiah Rider Speaks Out

26 November, 2014

I just want to be back with my mom… she never did anything wrong.” That is what teenager Isaiah Rider told the Inquisitr in an exclusive interview. His mother committed the “cardinal sin” of asking for a second opinion, and now the 17-year-old is at the center of a custody battle between the woman who has loved and cared for him since birth, and a hospital and CPS in Illinois — a state he only visited for the purpose of surgery for his rare medical condition, called neurofibromatosis, a rare condition which causes painful tumors on the nerves.

While the media and lawyers have discussed his “case,” Isaiah’s voice has been ignored, yet it is HIS life that is being decided.

The Inquisitr recently reported on the disturbing trend of children being removed from their parents’ custody over differences in medical opinion. Isaiah is one of those victims. According to Isaiah, Luries Children’s Hospital in Chicago “was trying to say that she medically abused me, but she didn’t.” He says that she was just doing what any parent would do. When his mother, who is a nurse by trade, saw her child in severe pain which continued for weeks following his surgery, she wanted the doctors to do something to help him with his pain, reports the Kansas City Star.

After the staff was unable to do anything about his pain or the seizures that began during surgery, Michelle asked for a second opinion and tried to transfer his care to a facility that might be able to do something for him. For that, Luries called in CPS and seized custody. Both Michelle and Isaiah report that this came out of nowhere. Never before, during years of Isaiah’s health problems, had anyone ever accused her of any wrongdoing in his are.

When his mother was told at the hospital that she couldn’t see her son anymore, Isaiah had no idea. He said that the hospital had him so drugged up on medications that he didn’t even realize what had happened at first. He was shocked when they told him that he wasn’t allowed to see his mom. The doctors blamed his mother, he says, saying that she medically abused him

That charge of medical abuse is still being fought in court. Dr. Marc D. Feldman is considered to be the world’s leading authority on medical abuse and Munchausen by proxy. He told Health Impact News that he recently testified on Michelle’s behalf that medical abuse by the mother “did not happen.” Medical child abuse is a term that means that a parent is doing things to cause or exacerbate medical problems. Isaiah’s mother only wanted the doctors to help her son with a condition that he has and was suffering greatly from. The seizures at Luries began during surgery, while Isaiah was under general anesthesia.

My mom had nothing to do with that.”

Further, Dr. Feldman states that “there appears to be literally no consideration of Isaiah’s desire to return home to his mother.”

Isaiah says that he is “still surprised” that they would do this to him and his family. He doesn’t understand why they are doing this. Isaiah and his mom have “always been close,” and he loves her very much. When asked if he thought the doctors considered how this would affect him emotionally, he said, “I don’t think they caed.”

This has totally affected our whole family. There was no need for this. We have all been deeply affected by this separation. It would have been better if this wouldn’t have happened.”

Isaiah has not been permitted to testify on his own behalf. He has asked a number of times to speak, but has been silenced at every turn. He says he has a legal right to be at the hearings, but he has not even been permitted to be in court, even though this is his life they are discussing. His requests for a new guardian ad litem have been ignored. The reason that Isaiah made that request is because he doesn’t believe this person who is supposed to represent him is speaking for his best interests, acting one way with him and completely differently in court, according to Isaiah. He wants the state to “leave us alone; leave my mom alone.”

Despite everything he has been through, Isaiah still tries to be positive. His pictures from childhood up show a happy kid with a great smile. He misses being at home with his mom and having his room at his own house. He has been allowed to return to his home state of Missouri, but he isn’t at home yet

He plans to go to college when he graduates high school. He told the Inquisitr that he wants to go into medicine in the future.

I want to help people, just like my mom does.”

But he doesn’t want to be the kind of doctor that “lies to save their jobs” at the expense of the families they serve. Isaiah wants to be what he hasn’t seen recently, and take the very things that have been used to harm him and use them for good. He wants to see good come out of all the trauma that has come to him and his family. After all that he has suffered, Isaiah Rider believes that “God has some really good plans for me for the future.”

Team Isaiah is the Facebook page that has been set up by supporters working tirelessly to bring attention to Isaiah and Michelle Rider’s story. Sadly, there are many more families that are experiencing the devastation of medical kidnapping, such as baby Kathryn, the two Deigel sisters and Jaxon’s family‘s family. Many times the parents simply want a second opinion. Children whose parents are doing the best they can to secure help for their kids when they are sick increasingly find themselves battling the system as well as the illness. Their voices, like Isaiah’s, deserve to be heard. Isaiah Rider is a teenager who wants what any normal kid wants: to be home with his mom.

[image via Team Isaiah Facebook page]

Here is what I wrote about myself a few days ago


Now I would like to talk about the subject that means the most to me- that is myself.

How has it been for me?

I have been living this for several years now and so nothing is totally new to me.

Perhaps I can say that nothing surprises me any more but I have never lost the ability to be shocked.

I have been in some from of grief for the planet - perhaps for as long as I remember, however, not lost in depression or despair as those who talk about a 'death cult' suggest.

The one thing, above all that raises my hackles above all else is denial and what is called in Buddhism 'sceptical doubt' - first and foremost those who seem to be immune to any from of evidence or proof.

All of this is inextricably tied up with my own personal fate and often I have been unable to distinguish the two .

When I meet with abject denial there's a lot of resonance with my own personal situation.

I have experienced delicate health throughout much of my life, something that I can attribute in hindsight, as being due to early exposure to pesticides (specifically, paraquat).

Never, throughout that period, from my childhood on, have medical practitioners ever been able to correctly diagnose, still less treat, any conditions, from bedwetting as a child, severe itching from adolescence to fatigue, allergies and other symptoms - as an adult.

Neither have they ever once admitted failure

In the last few years (but especially in the past four) I have experienced a continual and rapid decline In my health.

Previously I was able to go for a 2 to 3 days tricking in the bush; now I can scarcely walk around more than a couple of blocks. Several years ago I was very good teacher (and practitioner of yoga) and was able to sit in the full lotus; now I cannot even sit on the floor. Just four years ago I was participating in competitive tail rides with Biscuit; now I go for short rides when I feel able to.

Prior to 2010 I had only been in hospital once since I was a child and very rarely consulted a medical practitioner and was almost invariably disappointed when I did, having been fobbed off with statements like "there is only anecdotal evidence that food has anything to do with allergies" or "there is not connection [between symptoms of a frontal headache and urinary urgency] because they are are in different parts of the body".

I am not joking! I have actually been told the above!

In the last four years I have been a regular visitor to the hospital (twice in an ambulance) and have had two operations.

I have had two diagnoses to explain symptoms that I was going through at the time - sarcoidosis (which I seem to be clear of since the blood tests have normalised themselves) and transient ischemic attacks (something that was never substantiated by tests) and a melanoma that was surgically removed and they seem confident is in abeyance.

Every time I go back for a consultation I am told (with a nice smile) that everything is back to normal - practically that there's nothing wrong.

Well, that must explain why my wellbeing continues to decline, practically without explanation.

I suppose, from their point-of-view I must epitomise what they call psycho-somatic illness.

For them environmental illness doesn't exit, still less such crippling and serious conditions such as candidiasis: and neither does any malady that can't be picked up through routine testing.

This is how they explain it:

"In people who have a somatic symptom disorder, medical test results are either normal or do not explain the person's symptoms, and history and physical examination do not indicate the presence of a medical condition that could cause them"

The fact that in their yes I am a trained quack (acupuncture and TCM) doesn't help.

Well, I am afraid I cannot make any distinction between these medical practitioners and those climate scientists who are wedded to their computer models that bear less and less relationship with observed reality as the ice melts, methane is released from the seafloor and the tundra and positive feedback after feedback is observed.

It's all denial.

Similarly, no conventional practitioner has the humility to admit they have no idea what's going on (I know this will be familiar to many that suffer from environmental illness.

Instead they have to come up with a theoretical model to justify the gaps in their own practice.

Simply, if it is not confirmed by their testing models it does not exist!


Not only have I had to live with the denial of the medical Establishment but also have had to live with the everyday denial of well-meaning friends who hope that I am getting better and when I explain that I am getting worse won't have a bar of it.

I feel every time I'm asked "how are you?" that I am about to have an apoplectic fit.

I have been provided in the last day or so with the perfect response to "how are you?". The answer is "I'm fine", FINE being an acronym - "Fucked-up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotionally unavailable".

Not that I feel that I'm any of the above.

I'll have to find my own acronym.

What has come out in the past few days while Guy has been here, is that denial, (whether of near-term human extinction, illness or death) is intimately connected to a death-denying culture that cannot even bear to mention Death by its name but has to say someone " passed over", "one to a better place" etc.

Well, thanks to my condition and a feeling that something is seriously remiss, I have had ample opportunities to contemplate death which, now seems much less of a threat.

We talk of Life and Death as if Death were the opposite of Life. In reality it is not so; Death is really the opposite of Birth.

I am reminded for some reason of something Woody Allen said in one of his films - "I'm not afraid of Death; it's dying I'm afraid of".

My disappointments have not really ended.

After the wonderful discussions in the weekend I decided to confide in someone who I thought might understand where I'm coming from. Instead of just listening - (something I consider to be the highest art of the counsellor) what I got was still more from what I always experience - yet more advice and problem solving. Had I considered hypnosis or any number of other things suggested with a very passing acquaintance with either me or what was ailing me?

Well, sorry - I've been working full-time on this for twenty years, even training full-time as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, as part of my quest to heal myself.

I've now passed beyond that to a state of acceptance.

This is the fate I've been handed - just as much as the legacy of the activities of civilised humans is.

I'm more or less ready for what Fate hands me. Perhaps I'll go on like this for some considerable time, or maybe I'll die as a result of this illness.

One of this means that I will not do the things that are needed for me to maintain the greatest possible level of wellbeing.

But it also means, as sure as eggs, that I won't be looking around for yet another miracle cure - something that is offered to me with painful regularity.

I will continue to act to the extent that I can. These acts will be one of rebellion against the Empire.

But like Chris Hedges, I'm not so naive as to believe they're going to make any difference.

To read more about coffee enemas GO HERE

Much of the information that used to be on the Net giving advice about such matters has disappeared, been censored and replaced by Establishment articles that describe how 'useless' and 'dangerous' they are.

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