Tuesday 19 May 2020

Mendacious reporting by the NZ media

NZ media LIES about attacks 

on (5G) “cell towers”

They conflate all forms of cell phone technology to manipulate the public into accepting a fake narrative

Around the world there have been attacks on 5G towers.

For instance:

In the UK, there have been about 80 incidents of cell tower arson or vandalism since the start of the outbreak.

Vodafone UK chief executive Nick Jeffery described attacks on 5G towers as a "matter of national security", and said police and counter-terrorism authorities were investigating the attacks, which Jeffery labelled the work of "deluded conspiracy theorists".

No matter what other lies they use to counter this phenomenon at least they are telling the truth about one thing - these are attacks on 5G towers

However, in New Zealand telecom companies, government and media have taken another tack by lying about the whole thing by conflating all cell phone towers (4G and 5G) to create the impression that these actions are "dangerous:" to the community. 

Who would not condemn actions that endangered people's ability to watch Netflix?  It is all perfectly designed to evince anger in the population - something straight out of the copybook of past totalitarian regimes which used manipulative tactics to target groups within society - such as the bourgeosie (in Russia) to the Jews (in nazi Germany).

This time it is another minority - those that are concerned about the future of the entire humanity.

As usual most people commenting on this can't see the wood for the trees. Most think they still live a world that no longer exists.

This is an example of the mendacious tripe that NZ media is coughing up. The facts are so few, and so disconnected that one should come to the conclusion that  the whole narrative is fake,

We know that people have been targeting 5G towers. But we are asked to believe that all cellphone towers are being targeted.

But nowhere does the actual text of any of the article say this.

For any of it to be true you would have to have had some fools burning down 4G towers because they can't distinguish between them (highly doubtful in my mind).

Another possible explanation is that new 5G towers also carry 4G as well so that anyone destroying a death tower is also destroying other functions connected with the internet and cellphones.

I can't say for sure because all of this is happening under great secrecy (being unrolled, I suspect,  while we were all under lockdown).

Putting all that aside (and I really don't know because there is no INFORMATION) this is an example of the claims...

"These attacks are infuriating and can have real 

connectivity impacts for New Zealanders – meaning 

people could have reduced mobile phone and internet 

coverage in an area with a damaged cell site, which is a 

real issue particularly in South Auckland," said 

Vodafone NZ wholesale and infrastructure director Tony 


Unless I am wrong about this these are not "cellphone towers" that are being attacked but 5G ones.

And then there was this:

Outages have already been caused by an attack on a 

Spark tower in Māngere on Tuesday, and a fire in 

Porirua last month that interrupted service for 

thousands of 2degrees customers (although in that 

instance, police now believe an electrical fault was to blame).

There is not one article (and scarily a sentence) that does not use pejorative adjectives such as "wild conspiracy theories", "debunked" etc.

For example: 

One of the wildest conspiracy theories to emerge on 

social media recently has been that the introduction of 

5G wireless technology had caused the Covid-19 


One way to "debunk" a "conspiracy theory" is to use a straw man's argument. You falsely ascribe an argument to someone and then you "debunk" that.

In this case you say that people are saying that 5G "caused" the cover-19, which is something that NO ONE is saying.  Then you can rubbish that quite safely.

It is a tactic that has been used by tyrants since times immemorial, even before Hitler and Goebbels.

Things have reached a fine state if the media is coming up with articles that contain very little truth (another gentler way of saying they are LYING) in an effort to  manipulate the public perception.

We are a war, not only for the truth but for our very survival and the time for public non-compliance has come.

I am approaching the end of my life so it is not my struggle. I will have to leave it to another generation to fight this one.

Meanwhile there  is THIS

Coronavirus: Herbal remedy suggested as treatment made prescription only

MedSafe has won praise for moving quickly to make a herbal remedy which claims to be a treatment for Covid-19 only available on prescription.
As of this week artemisia annua extract is will no longer be able to be sold on pharmacy shelves or online.

Medicines New Zealand, which represents pharmaceutical companies, says MedSafe was right to make the move.

Medicines New Zealand CEO Dr Graeme Jarvis speaks to Susie Ferguson.

Listen HERE

This is a battle against humanity whereby the public are being denied to the things they need to protect themselves and are being forced to wait for a dangerous vaccine and everything that comes with it.

This is a battle between two paradigms;

One treats human health as a WAR and we have to use tactics that kills the virus even if it means that everyone's health is destroyed.

The other sees health as an ECOLOGY where we have a God-given immune system that can deal with all but the most extreme infective agent with help from cheap and easily-available herbal and other natural remedies.

The adherents of the prevailing paradigm are doing their utmost to ensure people do not have access to anything that supports life and health.

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