Sunday 31 May 2020

Differing responses to riots in America

I have just taken the following from the twitter sphere which seems to be reflecting the 'ne'er the twain shall meet positions".

One position comes from CNN and the official media and is faithfully and uncritically reflected in NZ media

This is the usual response from the Deep State and their media representatives. It is all "Trump's fault"

But it may as well have been directed against Trump, or more likely against what little social cohesion there is.

I don't know about Trump or AG Barr but there seems to me to be plenty of evidence of intervention coming from the radical Left groups.

Whatever the motivations of the responses to the murder of Mr. Floyd these are now mostly RIOTS and not protests (at least during the night time),

When I get DIRECT evidence of right-wing extremist involvement I will incorporate that evidence.

Whoever is behind this - this is the result they want.


Antifa involvement seems to be another meme, one that I have seen more direct evidence of.

And then there is the question of police (or other) provocateurs.

Police violence

Whatever your position ts there is no doubt who is really hurting here

Here is someone commenting without losing their mind

This is from a friend in Nebraska. These are the comments of his mayor and his comments

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