Saturday 23 May 2020

Life under a Plandemic

Personal testimony on being 

tested for covid19

As US fumbles COVID-19 testing, WHO warns social ...

I believe a good way to find out what is happening is not through television and news papers but through personal anecdote.

I have been talking to a friend from somewhere in the American West (I will not reveal his/her details.

This is what he said:

My nephew got a positive test result. We all (8 adults, 9 kids) all got tested. I'm still waiting as is one of my sisters. But the rest were negative. The nephew had a fever and breathing problem before the test. They insisted on it. So my sister relented. Few days later he was "positive" so me being a cable guy, my step dad a construction laborer and my two sisters work in fast food, we all got test. No positive results. Wtf


So here we are. On self quarantine and no answers as to what we should think if it's even real.

17 people around one child with a positive test and no one else got it?! I call bullshit.

Those that were tested had strange symptoms afterwards.

We all had weird ass symptoms after we got tested. I got a serious headache and I couldn't stop puking a day later.

This was the stinger: 

And these basterds actually asked if we wanted to be on 

a list for a vaccine trial if we get positive results!

But it gets worse!

When my coworker went to get his annual drug test for work, they insisted he get a test a trial vaccine. At a drug testing site! They keep insisting he was showing signs and were giving him veiled threats if he didn't comply they would "lose" his urinalysis.

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