Sunday 31 May 2020

China is evacuating its students from the USA

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The Chinese government is contacting all Chinese students in the United States and ordering them to return to China immediately. Details as follows:

The government of China is even commencing an air shuttle service from Washington DC to Shenzen, China, every day until all students are out of the country. Here is OFFICIAL NOTICE to be issued by China's Embassies in the USA to formally announce the evacuation of students.

Here is a very rough translation from the automated Google Translate site.

Covert Intel also indicates that after students are removed, China will order its nationals to depart the USA as well. This will leave only deliberately positioned Chinese belligerents in the US. (HT Remark: Gee, wonder what THEY will be doing?)

US Intel is under the general impression that China is now taking steps in advance of going to war with the United States. There is also genuine belief that this move to evacuate "students" is also a ":go-signal" to Chinese spies to get out.

If a war between the US and China was merely over Taiwan, or the South China Sea, there would be no reason to order students to leave the USA. There would be no plans to order nationals to leave the USA either.

Since both those orders to leave are now coming out, it is the assessment of US Intel that any war between the US and China will see hot fighting HERE; on U.S. soil. Perhaps with a Chinese first strike. That seems to be the only reason China would seek to evacuate its people. They plan to strike us.


China will begin the evacuation flights on June 4. 

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