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Anomalies and agendas in the George Floyd case

Glaring Anomalies, Obvious 

Agendas in the Case of 

George Floyd

Russ Winter

29 May, 2020

An alleged Memorial Day incident in Minneapolis, Minn., involving police and suspected counterfeit-money changer George Floyd is said to have resulted in Floyd’s death due to excessive restraint by police.
CCTV and bystander videos of the event released on social media immediately went viral. The images, along with race-baiting comments made by Minneapolis’ 39-year-old Democrat mayor and “community organizer” of Jewish-Ukrainian descent Jacob Frey, sparked protests nationally.

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In the following presser he held at his office Wednesday morning, he said he hasn’t seen all the evidence but is calling for the arresting officer to be charged with murder — though it was not the arresting officer who applied knee maneuver to Floyd. Instead, he repeatedly emphasized the fact that the officer was white and Floyd was black.
“George Floyd deserves justice, his family deserves justice, the black community deserves justice, and our city deserves justice,” Frey said.
“We watched for five whole excruciating minutes as a white officer firmly pressed his knee into the neck of an unarmed, handcuffed black man,” Frey said. “I saw no threat, I saw nothing that would signal that this kind of force was necessary.”
By Wednesday afternoon in Minneapolis, protests turned into full-blown riots. By Wednesday night, the city was in flames.
With 40.8 million on forced unemployment following scamdemic lockdowns, adding a race riot to the mix will surely bring about the long hot summer that Winter Watch has been predicting and warning about.
Officer Derek Chauvin allegedly knelt on Floyd’s neck for at least seven minutes, while he was handcuffed and lying face down on the road.
I asked a police friend about this knee-on-neck method of restraint. In his years of training, he’s never been taught to use this as a method of restraint. I wonder when these officers were hired (if they were hired), and where were they trained?
Clues here? Young American Jew protester in Israel gets the knee-to-neck treatment.
Was his neck broken? The autopsy was inconclusive, so apparently not as that would have been easily spotted.
The police cruiser that arrested him has a completely different number (830) than the one where he was “killed” (320). There is a time gap that doesn’t explain why the detainee was moved or how he ended up in the roadway.
How does he go from being sat against the wall to being choked with a knee on his neck on the other side of the street and in the roadway?
Floyd was cuffed at his car, on quiet street. Then he was held briefly on a sidewalk, before being perp walked to a cruiser. But instead of going into nearest cruiser, No. 830, he’s taken to an opposite corner on a busier street to a second cruiser, No. 320, and in view of an audience. He’s then choked in full view, slowly over many minutes, while shouting that he can’t breathe.
A video shows Floyd removed from his car by police. He looks unstable and intoxicated, or perhaps handicapped. Initially, he appears to be uncooperative, but then stops resisting and is compliant.
New video sent to us shows the moment George Floyd was removed from his vehicle and handcuffed on 38th and Chicago.
Video courtesy of Christopher Belfrey
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Adding insult to injury, the police released an entirely worthless and insulting (to thinking people) body cam video from the officer who was driving cruiser No. 830, showing the area where the arrest was made. The audio is mostly silenced and all persons are obscured by black boxes. At minute 00:00:47, you can see an officer speaking to someone behind a black box. Is it Floyd or one of the two passengers who got out of Floyd’s car?
At minute 00:02:36, you can briefly see a glimpse of an officer leading a black box (Floyd?) toward the cross walk. This crossing the street is verified in the second “clear video” below, which came from a store’s CCTV camera.
At minute 00:03:15, you can see an officer with a black box (assumed to be Floyd?) on the other street. The officer instructs the cruiser No. 830 officer to go guard the car. The rest of the cam video shows no audio and black boxes and is of no value. It offers no clues as to how and why the action shifted across the street to the other location or how Floyd ended up in the roadway.
What purpose is served from blocking out most of the video and audio? Other videos show the police and suspect activity was pretty routine during this time segment. Meanwhile rights activists are rightful howling about this joke of a released video. At the same time the Mayor is race agitating. So we have to assume the overall purpose is agitation propaganda..
Fortunately, the video from the store CCTV shows the incident up to when Floyd ends up at the other cruiser, No. 320. He appears to stumble there between the cruiser and sidewalk, and is picked up in the final seconds of the video. Yes, the video inexplicably stops, presumably moments before the suspect somehow ended up tackled by several officers in the street on the other side of the cruiser. Thus, everybody’s question is how he ended up there and why he was tackled by several officers. There’s no answer. We will update this post with that info, if it ever shows up. It’s long overdue.
Now, for background on the offending policeman who choked out Floyd. His psyop name is “Derek Chauvin.” Who has a trigger name like that?
Badge is on crooked. He’s unshaven. His demeanor is far less professional than that of a rookie in police academy, and certainly not a 20-year police veteran.
Standard police wear in this city.
Sketchy crooked badge, unshaven 
Now comes an amazing coinkydink. KSTP 5 News Minneapolis reports that both suspect George Floyd and now-fired officer Derek Chauvin both worked security at a Lake Street night club called El Nuevo Rodeo, according to Maya Santamaria. Santamaria owned the building for nearly two decades but sold the venue within the last few months. Santamaria still operates La Raza 95.7 FM radio station in the same building that houses El Nuevo Rodeo.
So we are asked to believe that a La Raza Latino affiliated club employs a racist killer white cop for 17 years? Really?
“Chauvin was our off-duty police for almost the entirety of the 17 years that we were open,” Santamaria said. “They [Floyd and Chauvin] were working together at the same time, it’s just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside.”
Next, we have video of the Daily Mail talking with Chauvin’s neighbors. At 1:10 the neighbors states, “We had no idea he was a cop. We thought he was a realtor.”
Something spooky going on:

The next door neighbors of Derek Chavin are on video saying they had NO IDEA he was a cop.
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The two other videos that emerged of the knee on neck are contradictory, no combinam.
It’s clear in the first video that police and witnesses on the sidewalk are quite visible and vocal. In the second video, no witnesses can be seen on the sidewalk. Take 1 and Take 2?
If this is a staged event, it wouldn’t be the first time for police brutality in Minnesota.
Thursday evening around 10 p.m. local time, Minneapolis police abandoned their battered station house. Rioters soon took it over and set it ablaze. Live footage from the scene showed the initial arsonists who got the flames going were a young white couple, perhaps college age. It should be noted that — perhaps counter to what one might expect — the majority of those who were protesting and destroying the station house appeared to be 20- to 30-year-old anglos who were laughing it up.
Maybe most Minneapolis blacks realize their own hoods are going up in flames. Agent provocateurs shipped in from outside?

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The governor has since called in the National Guard. You can watch a live feed from Antifa’s own streaming channel, Unicorn Riot.
Winter Watch Takeaway
To our eyes, many things aren’t adding up. Nothing to see here move along?

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