Tuesday 19 May 2020

Know your rights (while they still exist)

Rights Check New Zealand

Our view: it is a violation of OUR RIGHT to PRIVACY to be forced to give our personal details in order to be able to enter a shop or purchase things. That is just the beginning of a very slippery slope to tyranny...what is next?
It is true that retailers and stores can have their own 'company policy', but no company policy can supersede or infringe upon the law or rights of the land. The only group who has that power in New Zealand are the Police.
There is a difference between WHAT IS LEGAL and WHAT IS RIGHT.
This may be legal, but it is not right.

Being FORCED to divulge personal information BEFORE someone can enter a shop or purchase is OUTRAGEOUS, especially when the government has said that retail stores don't have to do this.
We are providing New Zealanders with an online database to:
  • Determine which National and Local retailers are violating our personal right to privacy and health/safety rights – so that we can avoid shopping there. This is called VOTING WITH YOUR MONEY. Don't support retailers who want to step on your rights.
  • See any ALTERNATIVE retailers who are NOT subjecting their customers to this nonsense.
  • List all retailers who have seen the error of their ways and are no longer doing the invasive Contact Tracing.
  • ADD any retailers you come across who are forcing you to divulge your personal information to this list.

How to Use This Site

You can use the coloured buttons above or the menu to see the retailers list.
You can also Submit an Entry of a Retailer (National or Local) who is doing this Contact Tracing in-store.
We are also very interested to know if MALLS are preventing entry into the mall itself without Contact Tracing. Please let us know.
All that we ask is that you fill out the details accurately and correctly so that we may contact you to verify any of the information that you sent us.

That's it!
You should be able to shop without having to divulge your personal information!
Let people know about this website. VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY!
Thank you!

Why Are Retailers Doing This?

We really don't know why (yet), because according to the Government website, they DON'T HAVE TO.
see: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-2/ 
Retail businesses:
    • need to keep customers 2 metres apart
    • do not need to keep records of customers to enable contact tracing.
There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why retailers (big or small) are forcing their customers to endure this method of fear and control. 

Security and Privacy Rights are Being Breached

Paper Register
If you don't have a phone, you are being forced to put your personal details on a paper register and sign it.
That register is TOTALLY VISIBLE TO EVERYBODY who comes into that store and can be easily photographed.
Under the Privacy Act, retailers have a DUTY OF CARE to protect their customer's personal information. A paper register that is displayed in the open showing all of the customer private data is a violation of this duty of care and a breach of the Privacy Act.
This happened at a Subway in Auckland:
Restaurant Worker Suspended After Using Customer's Coronavirus Contact Tracing Details to Hit on Her
An employee at a New Zealand Subway restaurant has reportedly been suspended after allegedly sexually harassing a woman online after she shared her personal information as part of a coronavirus contact tracing effort.
Online Contact Tracing
Many places are offering the 'SCAN the QR CODE' method of contact tracing. HOWEVER, did anybody stop to realize that YOU DID NOT SIGN ANY PRIVACY AGREEMENT with that online company? Just because the government says that it is a safe way to collect your data, is it really? How come we are subject to signing Privacy Agreement forms each time we open a bank account, credit account, online account, etc, but suddenly, in this case, no privacy agreement is required...
Why is that?
WHERE is your data being stored? What country?
If it is is on AMAZON AWS servers, they are subject to search and seizure by the US Government.
Where is the proof that your private information is actually safe?

Hygiene and Safety Issues

Retail shops are not trained in Bloodborne PathogensHygiene Protocols, or Cross-contamination, nor should they have to be.
The educational standard in Bloodborne Pathogens and Hygiene training is about a 20-hour course and covers all the aspects you would NEED TO KNOW to PREVENT disease transmission.
The stupidity of 'perceived safety': The government is telling us that 'Contact Tracing' will save lives. BUT here is the reality of that fools-dream:
  • THE PEN! (One Pen for ALL!) Doesn't the government even realise that tens and maybe hundreds of people are USING THAT SAME PEN to sign the register?! Do you think that a shop employee is SANITISING that pen between each person using it? If they aren't sanitising the pen after EACH USE then there is a HUGE chance of passing the virus between people. You are having 'virus sex' with EVERYBODY before you who used that pen. Ew!
  • THE PAPER REGISTER! The same goes for the paper that the register is printed on. It is NOT POSSIBLE to write your information down without coming in contact with the paper. It is very well-known that virus and microbes attach easily to paper because it is porous. AND...you can't spray sanitising products on the paper, it will ruin the written entries.
The misuse of Paper Registers without proper hygiene protocols is a clear violation of our Health and Safety Rights.

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