Wednesday 15 February 2017

World War 111 headlines

Russia Moves Cruise Missiles Sends Fears Through NATO

Israeli News Live

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  1. How dangerous are these cruise missile launchers themselves? not very. Technology has come a long way since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thanks to modern satellite imaging and ABM systems that actually work, land based launchers have been render all but obsolete by sea based launch platforms (which are much harder to detect and intercept) so rolling out a new version of an already outdated method of launching the things shouldn't warrant undue concern.

    However, the reasoning behind the deployment of such weapons is indeed alarming. Either Russia believes that it's perceived strategic needs outweigh the benefits of nuclear disarmament treaties like the one mentioned in the article or they are testing the reaction of NATO and the new US administration (in my opinion, both are true). Rather than worrying about a 'strong' Russia we should be more worried about a Russia that perceives itself as 'weak'. Russia is on the decline and therefore much more likely to take risks - especially in the face of a fractured or weak NATO alliance or an ambivalent US administration.

    In 2016, the German foreign Minister said that mounting tensions between the US and Russia have led to a global political situation that is "more dangerous" than the Cold War. But when it comes to the German government- they are so concerned about potential threats from Russia that they have failed to meet their defense budget agreement to NATO for several years running now... even places like Portugal and Latvia with far less GDP to spare have done more to meet the 2% per annum agreement. I always find it extremely hypocritical when the Germans harp on about Russia yet do absolutely nothing to benefit the very alliance that keeps it in check.


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