Wednesday 1 February 2017

The hypocrisy of the "Left" on Trump's "Muslim Ban"

Callinng out the hypocrites and false-Left

Today I feel pretty annoyed by the hypocrisy of those on the “Left” and feel moved to add my voice to call out the disgusting hypocrisy of those that are being manipulated into demonstrating against Donald Trump.

I have not heard a single one of these great “humanitarians” say a single word against Barack “Obomber” Obama’s wars.

I suspect there isn’t a war these people don’t like.

In fact some are saying that the Obama administration is not responsible for the Syrian refugee crisis!!

After a lot of soul-searching and reflection I have decided that I am against UNCONTROLLED immigration of the type we have seen in Europe where people are let in in tens of thousands without question or even proper documentation.

It used to be that countries were sovereign and had the perogative of taking in refugees based on their own perceived self-interests.

They were also looked after.

But now, In this era of neo-liberal dictatorship refugees are taken in and simply DUMPED in suburbs where they are isolated and deprived of any help.

I continue to feel sympathy for the plights of families that have been forced to flee Obama’s bombs and Islamist terror aided and abetted by Obama and his allies and would always be on hand to help these people.
Storm Clouds Gathering has put out a video today which expresses the double standards and hypocrisy quite nicely

Women who are swallowing the line being fed to them should really listen to what this Arab woman has to say.

EX-MuslimHas DIRE WARNING For IGNORANT Americans Who Are “Welcoming ThePeople I Fled From”



Those emphatic words were spoken by a young woman named simply “Sarah” who eloquently spoke of her journey from an oppressive Muslim society in Kuwait to America, and it’s perhaps within this context that someone who isn’t born in America needs to explain the unique values of America…to American’s!

Sounds crazy, however not any crazier then allowing thousands of un-vetted Muslim refugees upon the homeland.

Sarah” who spoke at a conservative forum warned those in attendance that if American woman want to support un-vetted immigration and Clinton’s open border policy, that perhaps they should find out first hand and actually experience living under Islamic rule, saying: , “don’t bring it here!”

Sarah” continued: “They (western feminists) show me they really don’t care about me by welcoming my attackers into the place that I now call home.'”

I found home in America and I would really hate it if the values that made me find America as my home would be destroyed, so I’m with the Trump campaign, I’m with the Republican campaign.”

However “Sarah” wasn't finished in giving American’s a history lesson stating “If you want to learn about something, go and learn about it, Americans who are embracing Islam. “You’re more than welcome. Become a hostage in Saudi Arabia. Maybe that’ll teach you something!”


What is with German women demonstrating against Trump and chanting “Allah Akbar” - making common cause with ISIS and al-Qaeda?

BERLIN: Anti-Trump Feminists chant "Allahu Akbar" at "Women's March" against Inauguration

Saudi Arabia which was not mentioned in Trump’s list has a large refugee tent city ready – that is completely empty.

And here is a bit of editing by ABC News which cuts out the bit where this Iraqi refugee says he likes Donald Trump.

Well. I don’t like Donald Trump either. For one he looks on course to continue and expand on Obama's wars - the ones that our liberal ones SUPPORT.

But first we need to give up the double talk and see things as they are.

ABC News Edits Out Refugee Saying He Likes Trump

Here’s the Duran’s Peter Lavelle reflecting on the travel ban.

P.S. I will leave you with these not -very - compassionate words of a reader, Robert Atack.

Regarding the women march, and their demand for human rights. The joke is human rights are a figment of our imaginations, there is no such thing as human rights. Humans have the same rights as cockroaches which in the grand scheme of things is zero. And with the environment fast approaching 410 ppm CO2, humans are very soon going to be extinct, humans have done in 100 years what last time took over 10,000 years – we have taken the atmosphere from about 280 ppm CO2 to 405+, last time this happened something like 96% of life went extinct, AND all the CO2 we have released via fossil fuels was happily sequestered below ground, … last time, this time round humans have filled the atmosphere with several periods worth of previous global warming gasses that had been removed from the environment, so this time around it is going to be a bloody sight worse than maybe any previous period of warming. And it will not matter who is running this show, quite simply there is nothing we can do

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