Monday 6 February 2017

Conjecture on an event at Fukushima


5 February, 2017

Just days after Tepco announced that they found a huge hole in the bottom  reactor #2 and deadly radiation readings that would kill a person in seconds. Add to that the hole at the bottom of the reactor #2 vessel and their statements that a collapse was possible, now we have a new situation at the #1 reactor building.

While watching the live cam while most were watching grown men toss a ball around I captured large amounts of smoke or steam coming from the reactor #1 building. Shortly after on the unit 4 side camera workers could be seen scrambling out of the building on the lower left of the screen, an area which I had previously filmed workers running from on several other occasions as strong earthquakes hit in the past.

My conclusion thus is that there has been some sort of new and more dangerous event. I have added some videos of what I captured this evening below and will continue to monitor the best I am able.

Here is the first one I recorded tonight

and the next with some more close ups;

and part 3

Also the wind was really strong just in that area or the news was reporting that to cover up the whole complex shaking from imminent collapse, sounds unlikely but remember there are strict gag orders on news and medical information concerning the plants that have been issued in Japan.

Top that off with workers scrambling out of the same area wher I have observed them running out of during some of the stronger earthquakes in the past several years and you can now assume with a great bit of certainty that something new is taking place there today.

Stay tuned.

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