Tuesday 21 February 2017

An update in my health

It is time for an update. More adventures with my health.

About ten days ago I woke up with pain in my right gluteal muscle so severe that I have been increasingly unable to sit on a chair other from a few minutes at a time.

I had three acupuncture treatments which very uncharacteristically seemed to exacerbate the situation.  By the time I saw my chiropractor my pain levels were 9/10 and he sent me for an x-ray which indicated “mild to moderate osteoarthritis is seen at both hip joints with mild superior space narrowing but more predictable osteophytes at the joint margins and the femoral necks”.

The pain became so intense in my gluteal muscle that I went to the after-hours and was prescribed me with morphine.

Since then the intensity has gone down a little bit but in its place I have experienced nausea (and at one point), vomiting.

The morphine also makes me drowsy so any thought of seriously following the news and working on my blog is mostly fat from my mind.

Of course, underlying all of this are longstanding conditions, both diagnosed but most not diagnosed that have with with me now for 5-6 years so I have enough empirical knowledge to know that like earth systems its all downhill with my health.

I will write more (and also resume my blog) when I feel a bit more comps mentis and comfortable in my body.

Best wishes,
Robin (Seemorerocks)

It is time for an update. More adventures with my health.


  1. Best wishes. Hope it improves. Know what opiates are like and their insidious effects on the brain. They never effect the pain either they just make you not care as much. Don

  2. I'll be sending positive waves your way, my friend! Thanks for all you do for us!

  3. I am very grateful to you for all your posts over the years. May I give you a simple suggestion for your current condition. Get hold of a simple hair drier and let warm air flow over the nails of your foot by moving the hair drier 6 times back and forth. The same for the other foot. The whole procedure is say for 20 seconds. The idea is not to heat but to gently warm.This procedure may be repeated 2 or 3 times a day. You should keep the nails dry for say 30 min after each application. If this helps, after a few days, you may also do the same for the nails of your hands.

  4. Look after yourself friend. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Please get better. Your posts are appreciated out here.


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