Friday 26 April 2013

Israel planning attack on Iran?

Report: Israel seeks Turkish airbase for attack on Iran
A recent report by the Sunday Times shows Israel has set its eyes on a military base at the Esenboga airport in Turkey just right outside the capitol Ankara. According to the reports Israel wants to use the base to launch an attack on Iran.

26 January, 2013

Meanwhile Ankara has denied the allegations.

However, the recent rush through the negotiation with the aim to push for the resumption of ties between Israel and Turkey has led Turkish citizens to believe otherwise.

The Sunday times report came at a time when US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was on a visit to Tel Aviv for a 10 billion dollar arms deal with Israel.

The Multi-billion weapons deal between Tel Aviv and Washington includes the sale of KC-135 aerial refueling tankers, anti-air missiles and the V-22 tilt-rotor military transport planes. While in Israel, Hagel also referred Iran a threat and said that the Obama administration will take all its efforts to make sure Israel has the upper hand militarily in the region.

This recent military deal between Israel and the U.S along with the Sunday times report have led many in Turkey to believe that America has not only given the green light to Israel to attack Iran over it’s nuclear energy program -- but to do so using non other than the Turkish soil.

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