Sunday 28 April 2013

100 mph winds in Tasmania, Australia

It's now autumn in Australia

Wild winds cause havoc across Tasmania
Blustery conditions across Tasmania kept emergency crews busy on Saturday, with wild winds whipping up bushfires and downing powerlines.

the January bushfires in Tasmania

28 April, 2013

Thousands of residents in the state's Midlands and on the east coast were left without power after gusts of about 160 kilometres per hour (100 mph) raged across land.

Fire crews are battling about a dozen bushfires, with most efforts being concentrated on a blaze near Richmond, where flames threatened homes on Saturday afternoon.

Some people, like property owner Craig Williams, are already tallying losses.

"Sleepers, timber, just our firewood, our trees, sheep feed - that's the worst thing. So I've lost my fodder," he said.

A second large fire near Cygnet also flared, with about 10 tankers brought in to bring it under control.

The alert level has been downgraded but crews remain in the area in case winds pick up again.

The winds also hit profits at the weekly Salamanca market, with the Hobart City Council calling off the day's trade.

The weather bureau is urging caution overnight, but a front around midnight should bring calmer conditions by Sunday morning.

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