Tuesday 30 April 2013

"No-one can solve Britain's problems"

Ed Miliband: Are Britain’s problems so deep that NOBODY can make a difference to them? My emphatic answer is YES
BLUNDERING Ed Miliband yesterday said Britain’s problems are so bad NO ONE can solve them

30 April, 2013

The Labour chief made the gaffe as he drummed up support for Thursday’s council elections.

In a Radio 4 interview in which he repeatedly lost his temper, he said: “Are our problems so deep nobody can actually make a difference to them? My emphatic answer to that is yes.”

Mr Miliband also refused to admit Labour would increase borrowing if they were in power — even though Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls had already said as much.

He insisted his plans for a temporary VAT cut — costing an estimated £12billion a year — would cut borrowing “in the medium term” by boosting growth.

Tory chairman Grant Shapps said: “Ed Miliband is too weak to admit what Ed Balls has already said — that Labour’s plans mean more borrowing and more debt.”

The comments came as Labour published six bills they would include in next week’s Queen’s Speech.

The Tories said the plans, such as re-instating a 10p income tax band, would cost £28billion.

In another blow for Mr Miliband, a survey found 56 per cent still blame Labour for Britain’s economic woes.

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