Friday 29 June 2012

Gas Pipeline explosion

Explosion in Iran-Turkey gas pipeline
A section of a pipeline carrying natural gas from Iran to Turkey has exploded in the border province of Agri in eastern Turkey, halting the operation of the pipeline.

28 June, 2012

The blast occurred between the villages of Hidirli and Kalender at 2300 GMT (0200 local time) on Wednesday, AFP reported on Thursday, citing Turkey's state-run Anatolia News Agency.

"The cut will last for some four to five days. It isn't known why the explosion occurred, but the cause is being investigated," a Turkish Energy Ministry official said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, provincial authorities said in a statement issued on Thursday that there was “no sign or indication that explosives were used on the pipeline."

The Turkish official added that officials from the state-owned Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAS) have reached the scene of the incident.

27-million cubic meters of natural gas is supplied to Turkey through the pipeline on a daily basis.

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