Friday 29 June 2012

Financial Wars

Michel Chossudovsky on austerity and the financial crisis

Here is an incredibly important interview with Economist Michael Chossudovski of the Global Research.

It is an excellent backgrounder into financial warfare and how high-speed derivatives trading can bring about the collapse of whole economies.

Prof, Chossudovsky talks about the Asian crisis of 1998 as being the origin of this – the naked short selling of the Thai and Korean currencies and the takeover of their assets.

He talks about austerities and how, far from being the response to crisis are the cause of economic collapse and points to the co-ordinated collapse of economies.

He provides important clues into the nature of the National government under John Key. Far from trying to save the economy he is providing the means for its destruction and demise so his Wall Street friends can pick among the crumbs.

To my mind he provides an excellent portrait of part of the picture, which is what Mike Ruppert refers to as “money on the way up and money on the way down”.

He does not, from my reading believe that Peak Oil is real or that this might well rebound on those who are trying to manipulate the markets. Ultimately, it will be found that money is tied to energy and cannot be created out of thin air ad finitum without energy to back it up.

I do not share his view of the Occupy movement either. Ultimately it failed because it was crushed by the power of the State and, yes it was infiltrated by provocateurs and the like – but it will arise again inevitably in one form or another - it hasn't gone away.

For all that it is an excellent interview and I recommend that people listen to it. Nobody has a monopoly on the truth – we need to listen critically and make up our own minds.

For the interview GO HERE

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