Friday 22 June 2012

"Every man for himself"

"It's every man for himself!" 

This really is advice to the wealthy and the elite on how to protect their wealth in case of collapse – keep a second passport, keep money in a second country and so on. No doubt they will try the sinking ship to leave the peasants to their fate.

But where are they going to go?

The Collapse of the Global Financial System: How to Prepare

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We want to give readers the bearish scenario, which could unfold if China and/or Europe collapse. Jim Chanos among many others, has predicted a real hard landing in China, and civil unrest in the world’s second largest economy is increasing. George Soros has given Europe three months to get a plan together before a collapse. Based on Europe’s recent record, this looks unlikely.
The Middle East is in chaos, as the ‘Arab Spring’ has turned into a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia in many countries. In other countries, fanatics are trying to topple semi-fanatic Governments. This could be very bearish for oil. Saudi Arabia just put in an order for 800 tanks from Germany. Saudi Arabia is building up its arsenal for a potential war against Iran, with another $60 billion arms purchase from America.
Economic analysts from Kevelex Corp, just warned about the upcoming collapse in the shocking video-alert you can watch  HERE
Riots in China image
Images of riots in China
The doors are closing.
High taxation, greed and politicians on the mission to reign LAST of their citizen’s freedom, are shutting down the escape options. Mr. Robert Quinn, senior asset protection consultant of Kevelex Corp. research group, pointed out some of the most popular options for wealthy to protect their assets, freedoms and privacy.
Some people think this is crazy, however, George Soros has warned of civil unrest in the US. Famous suprime and euro bear, Kyle Bass, has a stocked shelter ready for doomsday. He owns physical gold.
Some investors who fear a financial collapse have purchase SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE:GLD), the gold ETF which tracks the price of gold. According to the issuers of the ETF, “gold that underlies the Trust’s shares is held in the form of allocated 400 oz. London Good Delivery Bars in the London vaults of HSBC Bank USA, NA.” Good luck trying to get access to the vaults of HSBC Holdings plc (NYSE:HBC) when the financial system melts down. Investors will not be able to travel and even investors located in London, will not be able to get into the vaults to carry the physical gold.
As for the ETF, it would be an electronic ‘piece of paper’ worth nothing.
In pre-World War II Europe, people who got second passports and/or opened foreign bank accounts, were thought of as crazy.  however, these people were the most likely to survive.
The wealthiest Americans are urgently preparing.  According to a recent article from MSNBC, demand for second passports  for St. Kitts citizenship, are ”way up,” according to a Canadian immigration lawyer. St Kitts, which is a small island, allows visa free travel to over 100 countries, including Canada. Top reasons cited for the demand include, higher taxes, civil lawsuits, and terrorist attacks.
However, due to nature of this presentation we expect it to be taken down very soon. So, watch while you can and seriously consider getting “the option B”.

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