Monday 25 June 2012

Internet censorship?

Symantec blocks Seemorerocks

I have received information that both this site and another that carries similar information, has been blocked by Nortons Utilities.

symres:C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Security Suite\MUI\\09\01\coUICtlr.loc/KNOWNBADREDIRECT.HTML

As neither site carries (to my knowledge) any nasty viruses other than the truth the conclusion I must come to is that we have been singled out because we tell the truth ('bad sites')

I can't verify any of this because I don't run on a Microsoft platform and don't run Nortons Utilites – so if anyone out there can verfy this I would be grateful.

A message to any goons or spooks out there (including our esteemed SIS):

This site carries information almost solely from the world media (mostly from can be characterised as mainstream or corporate-controlled media).

I am not directly engaged in any political or protest movements and my sole aim is to share information with people so they can reach their own conclusions through the power of the written word and the internet.

Much as I would like to protect people from people like you it is unfortunately beyond my limited power.


  1. All I can say is I'm not blocked from seemorerocks but if I was I'd go on the rampage,cry havoc and let slip...

  2. Thanks for the feedback. All I can do is go by the information I have been given.

  3. AVG on Windows 7 64bit is running the site just fine.

  4. Just come to you blog for the first time and no problem - although I was directed here by another blogger. Sometimes Nortons and Semantic block based on word combinations in re-directs so it could be due to that - but remember if enough people post to security software companies about you blog you can end up being treated as "spam".


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