Wednesday 27 June 2012

British SAS already in Syria?

Stories are coming through of British troops on the ground in Syria from Iranian, Russian and Israeli media. More as it comes to hand.

As a note of caution – The Israeli Debka Files has been questioned as a reliable source of information.

Boots on the ground? Unconfirmed reports say British SAS forces already in Syria
Unconfirmed first reports from British, French and Turkish sources say British special operations forces crossed from Turkey into northern Syria Tuesday, June 26, and advanced up to 10 kilometers inside the country

26 June, 2012

The same sources report heavy fighting around the Presidential Guards compound on the outskirts of Damascus.

Debkafile’s military sources note that this compound exists to defend Bashar Assad’s presidential palace on Mount Qaisoun overlooking Damascus.

British and Gulf TV stations are again running interviews with dozens of Syrian soldiers taken prisoner by rebel forces and transferred to Free Syrian Army centers in South Turkey. But this time, they are being aired in conjunction with those two developments, indicating pivotal and coordinated military action inside the embattled country, or even the start of western intervention against the Assad regime.

Later Tuesday, Gulf military sources confirmed the presence of British Special Forces in Syria.

Our military sources estimate that the British military drive into Syria, if confirmed, is designed to establish the first safe zone along the Syrian-Turkish border, to be followed by more Western military incursions to establish additional zones of safe asylum in other parts of Syria.

This follow-up action would depend substantially on Syrian, Russian and Iranian (+ Hizballah) responses to the initial stage of the operation.

The reported British incursion, if confirmed, occurred at the tail end of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 24-hour visit to Israel Tuesday morning and would have posed a direct challenge to his repeated warning that Moscow would not tolerate Western military intervention in Syria and actively prevent it.

Similar warnings have issued from Tehran. As for the timing, the double military drive against Assad also occurred hours before a NATO “consultation” in Brussels on the shooting down of a Turkish warplane by Syria last Friday, June 22, which Ankara stated Monday “must not go unpunished.”

British special forces inside Syria
Unconfirmed reports say that Britain’s special operations forces have crossed from Turkey into Syria advancing up to ten kilometers inside the country.

26 June, 2012

DEBKAfile, an Israeli military intelligence website, has reported that unconfirmed first reports from British, French, and Turkish sources say British forces have entered Syria from Turkey, taking the lead of a western military incursion.

Moreover, on Sunday 24 June, The Daily Star reported that Britain’s fighter planes were on stand-by to invade Syria in case Britain’s NATO ally, Turkey, decided to launch a strike on Syria.

DEBKAfile said the British incursion was aimed at securing the start of western intervention in Syria to topple President Bashar Al Assad.

Earlier this year, the Israeli website also revealed that British troops and intelligence agents were operating in the Syrian city of Homs, assisting Syria’s armed rebels in their bloody battle against civilians and the Syrian army.

Moreover, earlier this month, The Daily Star reported that Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) and MI6 agents were setting up camps in Syria to assist armed rebels if a civil war would break out in the country.

This all and the recent report about the British incursion in Syria comes as earlier this month British Prime Minister David Cameron asked his fellow Tory MPs: “Where shall I invade next? I’ve done Libya” as he stopped in front of a map of the world at his Downing Street flat.

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