Sunday 19 June 2011

Time to pitch your tent ... in New York City? US touts urban camping plan.

US plan to create 'great urban parks' set to begin in New York City, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday. It's part of Obama's bid to reconnect young people with the great outdoors.

"This March 11 photo shows a National Park Service hangar emblazoned with the name Floyd Bennett Field glowing orange at sunset at New York City’s little-used airport in Brooklyn, N.Y. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday, June 13, that the National Park Service will develop the nation's largest urbancampground at Floyd Bennett Field, which was once used by Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes." Christian Science Monitor
Chris Hawley/AP/File

The rest of the article is available here.

You may want to ask why the New York government and Obama administration might suddenly be taking an interest in introducing Americans to the 'great outdoor' - albeit with a view of NYC.  Could it be that they are expecting New Yorkers to be forced to resort to living in tents when things take a major turn for the worse?

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