Friday 24 June 2011

Evolving Coverage of Missouri River Flooding, Fort Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Power Plant Situations

CollapseNet is doing an excellent job at bringing up-to-date coverage of the flooding of the Missouri river.
I will post today's coverage, but will not post any more on this unless there is a major development.

For ongoing coverage go to:
The Collapsenet staff is monitoring the Midwest storms, Missouri River flooding and Ft. Calhoun & Cooper Nuclear Power Plant situations very closely. Please check back regularly for updates:

Though more mainstream sources are mentioning the situation, none are on site or provide new information. This obvious obstruction of the truth leaves 300 million Americans who could be affected by this situation in the dark.
In short, we know what we have known all along:
1. The rising Missouri River is dangerously close to flooding the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant

2. Government agencies and large corporations are highly prone to lying and obscuring the truth when it suits their purposes

The following information for today includes a local news story featuring the Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant Chief, reports from the National Weather Service and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as in-depth analysis from the Collapsenet staff using the information we currently have on hand.

Flooded Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station Chief Officer Says Flood Danger Rumors Untrue

RT: The Big Media Blackout on Nuclear Safety and Fort Calhoun Flooding

This is really good!  The Alyona Show on RT challenges the corporate media on their lack of coverage of corruption in the nuclear industry and suppression of of what is happening at Fort Calhoun.

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