Monday 27 June 2011

Flood Wall Fails at Fort Calhoun Reactor

News came through that the berm that is supposed to be protecting the nuclear plant at Fort Calhoun, Nebraska has collapsed.

When I checked into CollapseNet this morning there was this message -

"As of 2:00 PM PST on June 26, 2011, we are being locked out of all access to our website, all internal e-mails, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts. I believe that this is because of our aggressive coverage of the Ft. Calhoun nuclear incident. I do not know when we will be back online." - Mike Ruppert

As of now the website is up, but I am not sure how this is affecting their operations

Seemingly, for the first time, ABC news is starting to cover the situation at this plant.  You'll see why if you watch the video here.  The report gave a few lines to the Fort Calhoun, Nebraska story:

A berm at a nuclear power plant in Fort Calhoun, Neb., collapsed early this morning, allowing Missouri River flood waters to reach containment buildings and transformers and forcing the shutdown of electrical power.
Tonight, backup generators are cooling the nuclear material at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station.
The plant has not operated since April, and officials say there is no danger to the public.
A spokesman for the Omaha Public Power District, Jeff Hanson, told The Associated Press that the breached berm wasn't critical to protecting the plant, though a crew will look at whether it can be patched.
"That was an additional layer of protection we put in," Hanson said.
Nevertheless, federal inspectors are on the scene, and the federal government is so concerned the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is headed to the plant.

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