Saturday 25 June 2011

More from Fort Calhoun

"The media blackout on Nebraska nuke plants has been dangerous, criminal, oppressive,... and blatant." MC Ruppert

Max Mogren from CollapseNet is doing excellent work in following the events on the Missouri River and the lies of newspapers like the New York Times.

He has provided amongst other things an excellent high-resolution photograph showing the flooding which clearly demonstrates that the 8-foot high boom built on the site could not possibly provide protection for another 7 feet of water (as claimed by the NYT)

To get a sense of scale click on photo and then zoom in on man on the bridge in the left side of the picture.

For more detail click on photo

June 15 aqua dam

June 17 aqua dam

Also a clip from a gut from Minnesota who confronts the editor of his local paper as to why they haven't given any coverage to the Missouri River and Fort Calhoun stories - further evidence that this story is being censored.

Interesting visuals but the soundtrack is very revealing - worth persevering!

Thanks, Max!

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