Wednesday 8 June 2011

Max Keiser: Blame the Peasants!

This latest edition of the Max Keiser Report has some fantastic stuff that parallels what I have been trying to alert people to.

I will give you Michael Ruppert's comments - he says it better than I can!

Comments on Saudi oil and on droughts throughout the world in the second half.

"Max Keiser cuts loose in this one and I'm glad that he did. Not only does he see and clearly understand that the world is out of time, he puts it directly in our faces about how much we are cooperating with a fundamentally evil system that is losing any possible image of being "benevolent". What Keiser sees is the same thing that I see and everyone else who truly understands collapse sees... It has now become all out war to destroy the incomes of working people everywhere on the planet. "It is clear that what must happen for these schemes to work is to reduce the average American income from $40,000 a year to $4,000 a year so that wages can be uniform across the globe."
That's what the banks do. They blame everything on us. And make no mistake about it, the banks want and need to kill us to maintain control for just a little while longer.
As long as ten years ago I saw and stated the obvious truth that as industrial civilization shuts down it would be necessary to destroy American incomes to provide a level playing field... for the banks.
My inner anger is rising daily. I have been sitting on it waiting for the time when its expression might bring a little benefit because all of us with our heads out of our butts are getting that angry. Keiser's venting is appropriate now for all of us because the time is here when civilization enters the Social Phase of collapse. We all need to get this angry.
If you are a Collapsenet member, save this one for after you have read the stories on the World News Desk. This is a bucket of real cold water, right in the face. And it will hopefully shock you into fully understanding how precarious these last few months of "business-as-usual" hypnotism really are... and what is waiting for us all when they vanish forever by the end of next month.
Bravo, Max Keiser - MCR"

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