Thursday 30 June 2011

Austerity in Greece is to break the workers' resistance

This video is from the Real News presented by Leo Panitch in Canada.  It does represent a left-wing perspective of what is happening in Greece. 

One of the main points that is being made is that no-one wants to say it but default is inevitable and that the whole 'hard ball' negotiation with the Greeks is over the terms of the default - whether the investors take a'haircut' or not; the real intent is to use Greece as an example (to other nations that might follow- Spain, Portugal, Italy) and to break the back of the unions and of worker resistance.  In addition there is an agenda to privatise Green assets, notably the port of Athens (and Greece has one of the largest shipping industries in the world).

Economist Demetrius Kofinas has this to say.

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