Thursday 24 September 2015

The Demise of the Arctic

This is a boon to me at a time when I find it difficult to concentrate for longer than short periods at a time.

Xnotes of Parts 1 to 5: Methane Monster II ~ Demise of the Arctic

Thank you to Ivy Cone of Fuki Cafe, from Bellingham (her FB), for her great effort in taking video work already done by Malathy Drew of WEupLifeUs, in breaking this vast video presentation int0 manageable segments.  Great job!!

Thank you also to David Korn Special Projects, for his continued support in also materially helping me share and prepare my work.  Shown on one page for easy getting around.

Remember, full set of slides are shared here.  Source Methane Monster II – Demise of the Arctic video here.  Original Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise video here.  And both downloadable or web hosted transcripts here.

1. Xnotes: Part 1 Introduction MM2 (6:23)

2. Xnotes: Part 2 Radical Predictions MM2 (12:57)

3. Xnotes: Part 3 Just How Bad? MM2 (13:29)

4. Xnotes: Part 4 Alaska Wildfire MM2 (25:24)

5. Xnotes: Part 5 The Methane Monster Roars MM2 (21:03)

Full view of Xnotes of Parts 6 to 11 are similarly shown here. Vignettes shared all the same thus:

6. Xnotes: Part 6 Ice Age! MM2 (20:34)

7. Xnotes: Part 7 Antarctica MM2 (7:51)

8. Xnotes: Part 8 Sea Level Rise MM2 (11:10)

9. Xnotes: Part 9 Entering El Nino MM2 (14:27)

10. Xnotes: Part 10 Earthquakes MM2 (9:52)

11. Xnotes: Part 11 Population MM2 (23:48)

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