Monday 28 September 2015

Fires in Indonesian rainforests closes schools in Singapore

The New Zealand dairy industry is one of the biggest users of oil palm kernels. With the drought in the South Island it has become a major source of feed for the first time
Fires in Borneo and Sumatran rainforests

This satellite image of part of Borneo has been taken only a few hours ago. It is very sad to see that once again Borneo and Sumatran rainforests are being burnt to make space for oil palm plantations and the few populations of orangutans left and other wildlife are being decimated .

Have a think about it next time you eat some Nutella which contains 23% of palm oil... 

The haze is covering thousands of square km and we can see some large fire plume.

You can check out the number of fire currently buring from this website:

Smog closes schools in Singapore as fires rage in Indonesia

Forest and peatland fires burning in Indonesia since August have caused a major air pollution problem for Singapore as smog closes schoolsCNN reported. 

Although the fires happen every year, the smoke has intensified over the past week due to changing winds, prompting Singapore’s prime minister to issue a warning via social media.

The air quality worsened into the ‘very unhealthy’ range today. This is why we are closing all primary and secondary schools.”

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  1. Have you also checked out all the fires burning in Africa & South America? It's just one big sea of RED from thousands of fires! Humans must hate trees, we seem to be determined to cut, slash, & burn them to extinction.
    Read the label, don't buy anything that uses PALM OIL!


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