Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Discussing abrupt climate change with Paul Beckwith

A discussion with Paul Beckwith on abrupt climate change

I have never met Paul Beckwith before so I was delighted when he agreed to a You Tube discussion.

We had a freeranging discussion on the science on what is happening in the Arctic, changes to ocean circulation patterns in the Pacific, the el-Nino - and how all this relates to the Southern Hemisphere in general.

When we to the end of our conversation we found we had more to say so recorded a second segement.

Please bear with me and forgive the lack of my skills in technical production and editing.

Part one

Part two


  1. 334 kJ = The heat that melts 1kg of ice
    334 kJ = The heat that raises 1kg of water by 80'C

    Latent heat of melting = 334 kJ/kg
    Specific heat of temperature = 4.2 kJ/kg (per 'K) 'C

    334/4.2 = 79.5


  2. The problem is that most old people can't see into the future beyond their own deaths.
    I am studying Climate Science and it is real.
    I will predict that the dollar value of the damage caused by Climate Change will soon exceed the Global GDP. This will make "The Economy" irrelevant. This could happen in 10 years or two years or 30 years. (Not that the number of years makes any difference.)
    In light of this, not doing something because "It will hurt The Economy," is no longer valid reasoning.
    "The Economy" is just a model that we made up. We can change it at any time. We can make a model that measures 'true value' rather than fake value.
    If you think that selling hotdogs at a Monster Truck race or being a fashion model is a real 'job,' think again.
    If you think you 'need' to fly to Thailand for a two week holiday, think again.

    1. The fake value model will grab as much as it can, for as long as possible. It is part of the human psyche to enforce self entitlement on other species. Let's be realistic about it ; those flights to Thailand will only stop when they keep crashing due to storms, or when the monetary value based systems have seized operation.

  3. Not a comment but a question. Anyone know of a way to copy the audio as a file download, so I can listen with my preferred player, instead of having to use the Soundcloud player?


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