Monday, 27 October 2014

Fukushima update - 10/26/2014

Radiation levels have surged at Fukushima plant
  • 100,000% of previous record high
  • TV: “Officials say they don’t know the cause… Typhoon may be to blame”

26 November, 2014

NHK Transcript, Oct. 24, 2014 (h/t Deep13th Nuclear Waste Info): [TEPCO] says it has found high levels of radioactive cesium in groundwater in the compound. Officials at TEPCO say a recent typhoon may be the cause… TEPCO officials say water taken on Wednesday from a well had 460,000 becquerels of cesium per liter (Bq/l)… another well contained 424,000 becquerels. Officials say those levels are 800 to 900 times theprevious peak. The wells are several meters west of the No. 2 reactor… The utility plans to treat the tainted groundwater and discharge it into the ocean, but local people strongly oppose the pln…

NHK, Oct. 24, 2014: High levels of radiation found at Fukushima plant… TEPCO officials say they don’t know what caused the rise. They speculate a recent typhoon may be to blame.

> Sub-drain No. 18, Oct. 22, 2014
  • Cs134: 9.4×104 Bq/l (94,000,000 Bq/m3) — Previous Peak: 140000 Bq/m3 (+67,000%)
  • Cs137: 3.3×105 Bq/l (330,000,000 Bq/m3) — Previous Peak: 340000 Bq/m3 (+97,000%)
> Sub-drain No. 19, Oct. 22, 2014
  • Cs134: 1.0×105 Bq/l (100,000,000 Bq/m3) — Previous Peak: 150000 Bq/m3 (+66,000%)
  • Cs137: 3.6×105 Bq/l (360,000,000 Bq/m3) — Previous Peak: 350000 Bq/m3 (+102,000%)

Fukushima: A Demonic Chain Reaction (by Kevin Kamps)

Kevin Kamps, a specialist in the management and transport of nuclear high-level waste for the group "Beyond Nuclear" (Beyond Nuclear) summarizes the main risks here, accidents and incidents related to the nuclear industry since its inception, the "Manhattan Project", the race for the nuclear bomb that will be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also draws a parallel between the various accidents in the United States and Japan, which are very similar. Is it really surprising when you know the involvement of the United States in the development of nuclear energy in Japan after the war, with "Atoms for Peace" program (Atoms for Peace) launched by Eisenhower in 1953 and the involvement of the CIA?

It will also discuss the concealment of information on security breaches in the nuclear industry, and frequent collusion between regulators and industry.

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