Tuesday 28 October 2014

Extinction Dialogs

Extinction Dialogs Part 1 - Interview Series With Guy McPherson

Part two

In this unedited video, Dr. Guy McPherson and Reese Jones have an open conversation that, amongst other things, touches upon such topics as the tyranny of technology, fleeing a corrupt and dangerous police state, the yearning for freedom, following our dreams, how to do things differently, avoiding mistakes of the past and the ultimate acceptance that 'things will be very different within the next 2 decades and more than ever, the most important 3 words of all will may be, "Live. Here. Now."

Part 3 will be coming soon to again feature Dr. McPherson's contemplations of 'End Times,' human extinction, and most importantly, Extinction Dialogs The Book and how to live in the here and now.


Re: the book, 'Extinction Dialogs, How to Live With Death In Mind', Dr. McPherson and Dr. Baker have gone into great detail in providing newly updated and compelling evidence and additional details as to the severity of our current climate situation, while simultaneously creating a manual on how to move forward both emotionally and spiritually as the possibility of human extinction grows with each passing day. 

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  1. ▶ Extinction Dialogs Part 1 - Interview Series With @Guy_McPherson- Oct. 2014
    http://youtu.be/lrpvUJX348w ~Pub Oct 21, 2014
    ▶ Extinction Dialogs Part 2 - Continuing Extinction Interview With @Guy_McPherson
    http://youtu.be/nH3qmoG3D_M ~Pub Oct 26, 2014
    ▶ Extinction Dialogs Part 3 - We Talk About How To Live With Death In Mind
    http://youtu.be/6JlF4rd6JEc ~Pub Oct 29, 2014 via @Guy_McPherson
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