Wednesday 22 October 2014

Guy McPherson on New Zealand television

Guy appeared on TV3’s “Paul Henry Show” last night, rendering its normally loquacious host almost speechless. Paul Henry is one of the most listened-to (and controversial, occasionally scandalous) TV presenters in New Zealand.

Still kudos to Mr. Henry. While his liberal left presenters have run a record mile this right-winger had the balls to take the subject on.

Paul Henry is never lost for words and last night he was, as is often the case when the reality of our situation is spelled out that we are passed the point of no return. Paul Henry reads out the dire list of issues we are facing as detailed by the IPCC and Guy reiterates that the IPCC's analysis is both conservative and full of wishful thinking. For 16 yrs now the IPCC has been telling us we must reduce our emissions and what have we done? Increased them even more. Such is reality of the collapse of our biosphere guaranteed by Industrial Civilisation.”

--- Kevin Hester

Climate change now 'irreversible' - Prof McPherson
The climate change message is just depressing, no matter what way you look at it.

23 November, 2014

Best case scenario, we all have to change our lives dramatically, just to keep us vaguely on the right track.

Worst case scenario - were all doomed.

Unsurprisingly, that's a hard message for scientists to get us all to listen to, which might be why Professor emeritus Guy McPherson is a teacher of natural resources, ecology and evolutionary biology, but is also a grief counsellor on the side.

Prof McPherson taught and conducted research at the University of Arizona for 20 years before leaving the university in 2009.

He will be speaking about climate change in guest lectures in New Zealand from October 22 to November 1.

You can catch Prof McPherson at an event co-organised by AUT's School of Social Sciences and Public Policy and the Pacific Media Centre in Auckland on October 22 at 5.30pm.

Tonight on the Paul Henry Show, he explains that due to the arrogance of humans, the damage done is too far along and now irreversible.

Now, the only way to help planet Earth is to "terminate industrial civilisation".

Watch the full interview with Professor emeritus Guy McPherson HERE

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