Sunday 31 July 2011

Keiser Report: Ghettofication of Americe

There is no doubt about it - things are developing rapidly, week by week, day-by-day.

So, OK, I'll come clean.

One way I find material for this blog is, as well as looking at trusted sources such as the Guardian and RT, I rely on the daily news desk at Collapse Net

They’re doing sterling work there dredging the world’s media for stories that enable the rest of us to join the dots.

Of late the number of headlines has been growing at such a rate that it is almost impossible to keep up with more than several key areas.

Now our attention is on the United States and we have taken our eye for the moment off Greece, Italy and the sovereign debt crisis there.  Meanwhile things are not getting any better in Japan.  There is still massive unrest in the areas we identified earlier in the year while things are brewing up in Israel and Palestine.

It is getter harder and harder to keep up.

So, for me sometimes it is nice for me to be able to put my feet up and listen to someone just create an accurate an accurate picture of the collapse of the whole social and economic edifice.

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are two key examples.  

Twice a week they go through the headlines and help me to make sense of the whole madness that we are living right now.

This week is no exception as they discuss how the price of gold says heaps about the real state of affairs when it comes to the dollar and the US economy.

In the second half Max interviews Steve Molyneaux of Canada who demonstrates how by constantly devaluing the currency essentially the US has already defaulted.

Interesting for me is that within the North American theatre the most trenchant criticism of crony capitalism comes from libertarians (not people that, just a short period of time ago I would have expected to find anything in common with!!) .

Life is full of ironies

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