Friday 22 July 2011

Here Are The Details Of The Greek Bailout That's Causing World Markets To Surge

This is the latest.

It is a partial default and based on new growth- which is not going to happen and it assumes the Greek people will accept and live with cuts that will further destroy what is almost already an unacceptable and crushing standard of living. 
Michael Ruppert describes this as a " huge and expensive kick of the can has only moved the can a few feet at best."..

Stay tuned, because today's surge in the markets may be the last great "pump and dump".  Growth is no longer possible and debt can no longer be repaid

World markets are surging right now on hopes that the EU has come up with something good and effective on the Greek bailout front.

Athens stocks are up 2.8%.

Italy is up about the same.

The Dow is up 120.

According to the WSJ, a draft of the new Greek bailout plan has pretty much accepted that Greece is going to enter into "selective default."

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and from the Guardian

Bailed out – again. Eurozone throws Greece €109bn lifeline

Bailout fund turned into much more ambitious instrument in deal hatched following months of dithering

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