Saturday 30 July 2011

Futures Plunge As Boehner Unable To Get Enough Votes, Essentially Cancelling Deficit Plan Vote, Dollar Plummets

28 July 2011

Tonight just got that Lehman Brothersy feel to it. 

After hours of delays, Boehner just experienced a supreme dose of humiliation after he announcing he would cancel tonight's much delayed vote on his deficit plan after apparently being unable to get the requisite 218 votes to pass his plan though the Congress (forget that it would never pass Senate or the President). 

Boehner has said he will instead hold an emergency meeting with members Friday morning but the damage has been done. 

The result: the markets are now in absolutely terrified mode, with ES just plunging by over 12 points on the news, the dollar hitting fresh post March 17th lows against the Yen following the Fukushima explosion, and overall total chaos appears to be on the horizon. 

And with Europe about to open, all hell is about to break loose. Something tells us that the deer in headlights will be on prominent display tomorrow, not to mention the bear cavalry.

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