Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sinking lakes in California

My God, television is stupid!! Making light of catastrophe.

Lost city revealed as Folsom lake levels drop

'It's almost as low as I've ever seen it,' long-time neighbor Frank Wilcox said Thursday.

The City of Folsom is calling that a critical situation.

They've already imposed restrictions on landscape watering as Folsom Lake, at one fifth it's total capacity, is on the verge of breaking a record for low water levels.

Now, citing the driest year in more than 100 years of record keeping, the County of Sacramento is asking its residents to search for ways they can lower their water use by 20 percent.

Meanwhile, people are taking advantage of the rapidly growing shoreline by the lake. As the water goes down, the metal detectors come out.

In the late 1800′s, a mining village called Mormon Island was located at the foot of what would become Folsom Lake. By design, the new lake swallowed Mormon Island when the American River was dammed.

But now, the receding water line has spit the muddy rubble of the village back out.

For amateur archaeologists, it's a rare opportunity. Especially in a time when more traditional forms of winter fun just aren't the same.

"Usually we would be up the hill, skiing or snowboarding- enjoying the snow pack. But it's just not there this year," said one woman, walking the beach with a metal detector.

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  1. "My God, television is stupid!!" - Don't you mean Americunts are stupid? That would be far more appropriate.

    They can't add. Whatever "historical records" exist for low water levels - that was back when populations were 1/3 of what they are today. So whatever remains today is going to be sucked up 2/3 faster and therefore, they have far less time to prey to their magical Sky God's then they "think".

    I am, of course, using the term loosely. The televised stupidity shown to brain-dead crowds of morons today is no accident - it's the kind of low-brow, dumbed-down "intelligence" found throughout the kountry. It panders to an 11-year old mentality with the sexual drive of a 16-year old.

    Television is the worst place to obtain news or information. This medium will likely never recover (there is no evidence that it will). Stations like Fox are popular only among the brain-dead morons that permeate this kountry, but anybody with an IQ over 80 can easily identify the incessant lies and deceptions stations such as this spew forth.

    "Usually we would be up the hill, skiing or snowboarding- enjoying the snow pack. But it's just not there this year,"

    It's comments like this one, a total disconnect to reality and growing watershed disaster (and survival of the region) that proves my points. Not only did this woman say this, but the news station published this indifferent idiocy - went on to say, "this isn't quite a crisis, at least, not yet".

    How fucking stupid can they be? Cleary, very, very stupid. Staggeringly stupid. Amazingly stupid. They're entire region is on the verge of a water collapse, which will lead to a food collapse and they're still whining about the snowboarding? And this isn't "quite a crisis, at least, not yet?".