Tuesday 29 November 2022

Focusing on Marsden Point

In Conversation with Brad Flutey & Craig Kelly of Dig In At Marsden.

At the time of recording, Dig In At Marsden had spent 187 days outside Marsden Oil Refinery, in protest at its recent decommissioning by this labour govt.

The closure of this important piece of NZ infrastructure holds huge significance for every Kiwi -whether we each realise it yet, or not.

It is clear that it is a seminal part of this government steering us off-course, towards a future in which our once proud and independent People will have a severely-reduced ability as a functioning, self-reliant and sovereign nation.

Follow Dig In At Marsden
Website: https://www.securemarsdenrefinery.nz

Our interview with Operation Good Oil: https://fb.watch/gWT9zTazIg/
Operation Good Oil Website - www.operationgoodoil.co.nz


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