Saturday 26 November 2022

A coup is underway in New Zealand

Not my style but the information is correct. 

Adern clarifies Three Waters as. Clarified


26 November, 2022

Well: she’s done it, as promised.

Our nominal prime minister; The Honourable Jacinda Kate Laurel Ardern, promised to ask the ‘drafters’ of the ‘Three Waters’ legislation to ‘clarify’ the alleged mission-creep, scope-enlargement, call it what you will, in the controversial legislation, the stuff she knew nothing at all about but which you good people were making such a fuss over. She has, and they have.

Luckily for us, the principal drafter of the legislation is also our actual prime minister, the very nice and very Honourable Nanaia Cybele Mahuta, who got straight onto it, belting out a Supplementary Order paper humbly titled “No 306” proposing to clarify those very things that had worry-warts in such a tizzy. Hitting Hansard yesterday we learned from No 306 that the troublesome Section 4 of the ‘3 Waters’ [Water Services Entities] Bill, the very section about Ti Tiriki Tiriti and ‘Te mana o te wai’ which had contained the new guff about ‘coastal’ and ‘geothermal’ water is forthwith amended.

But before No 306 is revealed I urge you all to breathe in and relax, and that those of you requiring regular medication partake of same, because No 306 is more audacious than you could ever have imagined. It is the mother of all turds in the pool, so to speak, because 3-Waters has now become All-Waters. I kid you not:

water — (a) means water in all its physical forms whether flowing or not and whether over or under the ground:
(b) includes fresh water, coastal water, and geothermal water:
(c) does not include water in any form while in any pipe, tank, or cistern

Thank the good Lord for that last line, at least the water in the tank above the khazi is safe from cultural claims; everything else is open slather.

The real prime minister is very smart and doubly sneaky, so 306 doesn’t actually read like that, it’s far more subtle and more nuanced. She knows the nominal prime minister hardly ever reads and certainly does not research the legislation, so Mahuta simply refers to handy previous statutes

Image Credit: idbkiwi

And “water, as that term is defined” in Section 2(1) of the Resource Management Act of 1991 is exactly as you see reproduced above, and into which any taniwha can now dip its slippery tentacles.

I try to make light (I’ve never seen a coup unfold before) because the alternative would be to become angry. Very angry. I’ve said before that this Government is the worst, by far, in my lived experience: it’s not. It’s the worst in New Zealand’s history.

Ram-raiding democracy news


In a video posted today on YouTube, independent journalist Chantelle Baker exposes the undemocratic move by Labour, using the excuse of Queen Elizabeth II’s death 10 weeks ago to take advantage of so-called ‘urgency procedures’.

‘Parliament is currently sitting under urgency’ – they say because of the Queen’s death, but what it really means, and Labour has done this multiple times, the last time they did it was with the ‘traffic lights’ system and rushing through that legislation, they also did it with pushing through the Maori Wards Bill.’

Labour currently have a clear majority in the House.

‘They call something under ‘urgency’ so it can bypass the normal process, including the Select Committee.’

Urgency also means that parliament has to remain sitting until the laws are passed.

‘What’s happened during this last couple of days in the news? The 16 year olds got the right to vote according to the Supreme Court. That Bill has not passed through parliament – you need 75%. The odds of that going through is quite small. But, what it has done is that it’s lead all the media to focus on one topic, and it’s distracted everybody.’

‘But that’s not the problem. The problem is this huge amount of legislation that Labour are looking at to rush through in the next week.’

‘There are 24 Bills they are looking to pass, but these are the ones I consider the most concerning:

  • 3 Waters
  • Digital Identity Trust Framework
  • Organic Produce and Production Bill
  • Clean Vehicles Bill
  • Healthy Home Standards
  • Dairy Restructuring Act – ie. Fonterra Restructuring
  • Climate Change Response
  • Firearms Amendment Bill

‘That’s just some of the 24 they are passing right now.

Baker also spoke of Facebook censorship, with the social media giant working hand-in-glove with Labour to remove content at the government’s behest in a clear violation of the right to free speech.

‘Facebook are working with the government through a portal to take content they don’t like down from the platform.

‘A number of videos have been taken down, which didn’t break any guidelines but they just ‘wiped them anyway, with no notes, no marks against our page, they just wiped them, and it does make me question if that portal’s being used on our page.’

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