Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Paul Beckwith on climate change

Climate change tipping point tree analogy

When you cut through a tree nothing seems to happen. Then, inevitably you reach a point where the tree starts to fall, and then a loud cracking and toppling occurs, irreversibly, to a new state. I view our climate system as analogous to this, and we are now rapidly cutting through the wood.

Part one

Part two

Part three

METHANE "Single BIGGEST Concern" - Paul Beckwith


  1. Actually the tree commenced falling after February 1986(?). Since that month EVERY month has been a month of global temperature ABOVE the average for the twentieth century.

    Try tossing a coin and getting as many heads or tails as that number of months in a row. Geological and similar timescales are slow, and even an eyeblink in that frame of reference may be almost imperceptible on the human timescale.

  2. You are quite right.
    And despite that (lol!) there has been a "hiatus" in global warming!