Thursday, 25 September 2014

Censorship in NZ: Facebook removes discusson group

This is an ominous move and a sign of an openly fascist government using its minions to close down debate and criticism of the government.

I think that we can expect more and more of this sort of thing happen until the day comes when criticism of the government becomes an 'act of terrorism'

Read the signs of what is happening in our nearest neighbour and it becomes clear.

I would counsel people to prepare for the day when online discussion becomes impossible and start to foster personal (rather than just online) connections.

Facebook censorship
Facebook Group "John Key has Let Down New Zealand" removed

I woke up this morning to a very interesting development.

I along with a number of other hard working people have been admiring a Facebook group with over 17,000 members, called John Key has Let Down New Zealand. We have always removed anything offensive, violent, bigoted or illegal and we used the group as a means to publicise protests, action alerts, events etc. and we had a program for all of us to get 3 non voters registered and to the polling booths. Hopefully that meant we brought 50,000 left wing people to the polls, it could well have been more.

Last night Facebook removed the group and many years of hard work evaporated into the ether with no warning

The group had been very effective in rallying people together to become more informed, more united and more effective in pushing back against the neo-liberal agenda propagated by this lackey government run by Washington's man in Parnell John Key. I believe this is the beginning of the crack down and another step toward outright fascism.

The revelations in Nicky Hager's book ‪#‎DirtyPolitics‬ have proven that there is an incredibly sick and corrupt underbelly to this government with patently fascist roots.

As we watch NZ become more and more a tool of the deep state that actually runs this planet, as we watch the U.S. rampage around the world in their never ending wars in the Middle East and lately the pincer move on Russia, we all need to be deeply worried.

Climate change has now ensured that humanity and most of the species on this planet are doomed in the very near future and both societal and economic collapse will arrive very quickly.

The Climate Change induce collapse will mean massively reduced world food production where land based crops will fail, droughts will decimate both the quality and quantity of the food and the viability of the farms , their workers and their owners. As the oceans acidify and warm Phytoplankton is dying off at unprecedented speed and this will decimate over half of the worlds food supply alone, without mentioning the impact of 300 or 400 tons of Radioactive water pouring into the Pacific, now for well over 1200 days.

This change is happening at an exponential rate and we will see incredibly ferocious weather events that will destroy infrastructure like never before. Contemporaneous with these natural events we will see the collapse of capitalism and our entire economic system and then we will all get to see what the fascist beast that has been anticipating this possibility and preparing for it for a long time really looks like.

What will happen to cities with millions of people living in them, when the power and water go off and doesn't come back on? We all know in our hearts what the answer to that question is and if you are unsure, ask someone who lives in Fascist destroyed Gaza or Syria which is the latest target of this extreme fascist deep state, call it what you will. 

There is little that can be done to prepare for these new living conditions. 

However, one responsibility I have undertaken is to bring Guy McPherson out to NZ to attempt to raise the alarm and to warn as many Kiwi's as I can. It isn't much but Guy and I and our team will do what ever we can.

Prepare for the worst, it is coming faster than you think.

----Kevin Hester

A new Facebook page NATIONAL HAS LET DOWN NEW ZEALAND has been set up and is HERE

Facebook censoring pages critical of John Key?

travellerev in comments.

Just a word of warning. A facebook group called “John Key has let down New Zealand” has just been closed for violations of the user agreement. This group had 16.000 members and was one of the most active political facebook pages in NZ. The group was closed and had an extremely tight team of moderators and there is absolutely no reason for this other than that John Key’s PR team is trying to shut down dissent and people organizing online.

They did the same with the Vinny Eastwood Youtube channel about a week before the elections based in the same reasoning. They must have a team of lawyers sitting up there in the Beehive going over all our websites and facebook pages to see if they can shut them down. This is outrageous! Welcome to censure and spying and shutting down dissent. But hey, no conspiracies here! Our government would not do that no sire

I rather suspect that there is somewhat more to this story based on the number of pages set up by people banned from that facebook page.

However the fact remains that Facebook appears to becoming complicit in shutting down sites critical of John Key and the his government.

Comments please. I’d be particularly interested in the reasons given by facebook for shutting both this page and Vince’s facebook page.

From Travellerev

"I'm sure it's a coincidence but it seems the Standard is down too"

As of now, that seems to be the case.

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  1. Why does a county police force need Apache helicopters?
    To control it's people. This is and will be our imminent future.Police forces with attack helicopters to use on their own people. If anyone is surprised it will be because they were not paying attention.