Tuesday, 29 September 2020

A reflection on a planet on fire

Nothing ever goes away

 Every day I scan the media and have to make a decision about what is most important. 

Yesterday it was a global Plandemic but today it is a nascent war between Armenia and Azerbaijan that has grave geopolitical repercussions.

After 9 years I have discovered NOTHING goes away - it disappears from the headlines and certainly from the minds of people on social media (if it even makes it), but it never goes away.

  • Peak Oil has not gone away

  • Abrupt climate change has not gone away

  • The geoengineering elephant in the room is not going away
  • Fukushima has not gone away
  • The spectre of coronavirus, however you want to see it, is not going way.

  • Economic, financial, political and social collapse have not gone away

  • The Epstein/ Israeli blackmail operation involving the abuse of girls is not going away; neither is pedophilia at the highest level of society

  • A massive conflict between two sides in the US is not going away but getting worse by the day

  • The sixth mass extinction has not gone away

  • Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Ukraine and elsewhere have not gone away

The problems are massive, systemic and interconnected and getting worse every day.

The only way to decide that things are not so bad or situations soluble is to ignore them completely and focus only on you own backyard or to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else.

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