Sunday 27 May 2012

The impoverishment of the middle class

The impacts of NZ gov't social and fiscal policy

To see just what the true impact of the social policies of this right-wing government in New Zealand has been please see this chart that has been prepared by the Green Party.

It shows that a solo mother (with 1 child who works two half days a week, studying nursing, on an income of $32,000 is $5,750 worse off than in 2008, while the typical family with two earners, one part- time, one with a student loan, 3 kids on a combined income of $71,500 is $11,000 worse off.

Contast that with a representative of the top 10% with two earners, one part-time, 3 kids and a combined income of $250,000; they are $12,250 better off, while John Key's family is a whopping $19,280 better off.

Forgive me for thinking the tax changes might have been designed for him (and his friends)!

To see the chart GO HERE

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