Saturday 26 May 2012

Steve Keen debunks (neo-classical) economics

Much recommended.

This is a one-hour interview with one of the few academics to have seen the 2008 meltdown coming. Listen to find out why.

Prof Steve Keen would have to be one of the brightest minds in our particular little corner of the world, and we would all be better off if he was listened to a bit more.

However, pigs will fly....

Kim Hill interviews
Prof. Steve Keen

Steve Keen is associate professor of economics and finance at the University of Western Sydney, and was one of a minority of economists to predict the current financial crisis. The revised and expanded edition of his 2001 book, Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned? (ZedBooks, ISBN 978-1-84813-992-3), was published last year.

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