Friday 25 May 2012

Mike Ruppert interview

Michael C. Ruppert- Transition, Occupy, Prepare for Collapse

Michael Ruppert has warned us before. He's warning us again now.

In his first book, Crossing the Rubicon (2004), he called out the arrival of Peak Oil and the violent chicanery of global governments (including 9/11 and the Iraq invasion) to grab remaining fuel supplies.

Two years later he urged his lecture audiences to get ready for a crash of world financial markets, which took place in 2007.

Confronting Collapse - The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World (2009) prompted film maker Chris Smith to produce the documentary "Collapse - The Movie"

In this 48-minute interview with co-host Daniel Kerbein, Michael Ruppert minces no words: We've begun a fast decline of world oil supplies. This brings declines in goods, transportation, even food supplies. Start growing food, start getting ready. Collapse is at our front door, now.

In Ruppert's view, the situation has gone from bad, to worse, to worse than bad. Confronting Collapse presented a 25-Point Program for Action. Today, he shakes his head. "Too late for that now.' That was before the disruption of the Gulf by BP and the destruction of Japan by the Fukushima reactors.

The best way to serve others today is to bear witness to the disruptions that are coming and become emotionally, spiritually and physically prepared.

In a recent posting on the web site, he offers the best words of hope he can muster:

"...a new Golden Age is coming. Before a new house -- one that includes a safe place for all life -- can be built, the old one ...must be completely destroyed and defeated. It will achieve the fulfillment of its death wish. It will be satisfied with nothing less. There is no easier, softer way. Embrace the death of the old that you may experience, participate in, and rejoice in the birth of the new."

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