Monday, 4 April 2011

Peak Oil on New Zealand radio and TV

I have pretty much turned away from any local media except for National radio so often I miss things unless they are pointed out to me.

Even if the government is ignoring the fact that we have a small problem out there others are not.

I discovered that Aucklander James Samuel of Transition Towns has been getting out there with the message of Peak Oil.

He was interviewed a few weeks ago on TV1's Breakfast Show on petrol price spikes and again on Saturday was inteviewed by Kim Hill

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  1. I have worked on long-term trends since 1974 and find the world is moving steadily down the expected path towards crisis. I have written about "NZ; the world's lifeboat" and "cars in NZ" and spoken occasionally. I would like direct contact so could you email me at John Robinson


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