Monday 4 April 2011

'Drill baby, drill!"

Last October the Parliamentary library published a report on Peak Oil warning of an immanent oil shock. It was an excellent report and deserved far greater attention and circulation.

I have loooked in vain for an official response to this warning.

Well perhaps it has come this morning in the form of a government report  apparently accidentally put into the public domain before being signed off by Cabinet, 

Well, the dinosaurs in government have made tapping oil, gas and coal reserves the top priority in the Government's plans to develop energy supplies.

'For too long now we have not made the most of the wealth hidden in our hills, under the ground, and in our oceans. It is a priority of this Government to responsibly develop those resources.''

Developing oil, gas and coal reserves was put ahead of increasing renewables, with new technologies ranked third.

Not surprisingly environomentalists have come out strongly against this bit of idiocy.  Perhaps they can best respond to this but suffice it to say that such actions would be a disaster.  Quite apart from Gerry Brownlie's (and the rest of the government's) determination to fry the planet It is tantamount to saying to the public of New Zealand "you're out on your own with this Peak Oil thing.  Don't expect any sensible leadership from government"
My mind turned immediately to this - “Fracking and Mountaintop Removal myuths debunked in 5 3/4 minutes”  At least this guy has a cute turn-of-phrase!

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