Friday 23 February 2024


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During the last year I have been struggling with two things...

My health has been constantly deteriorating to the extent that I am hardly able to do more than get around the house. During the summer break I had the onset of chest pains which went with numerous symptoms such as extreme exhaustion. The likelihood of anything to do with the heart was poo-pooed by the medical system after one visit to the emergency department of the hospital.  Without expert medical advice (try getting into a cardiologist these days) my best bet is that I have an inflammatory, autoimmune condition, which would explain why I have certain symptoms that come to the fore but then it moves on elsewhere.

The second has been difficulty with this site and with the provider, Orange. Just weeks after renewing and upgrading to give myself more disk space I started getting messages that my disk was full and I would need to remove material.

So, it has been throughout the year.

Now, time has come to renew again and what with exchange rates it would cost me $NZ300 just to keep the site going - without the ability of actually posting.

That is why I am letting this blog, seemorerocks,is lapse in just a week or so.

Meanwhile, I have shifted operations to my Substack and that has been working well for me. I have decided on the basis of the above considerations to terminate this site.

That means that a lot of material would be lost so I have taken some time to migrate a whole lot of material (mostly about covid-19, the "vaccinations" and the Great Reset/Agenda 2030.

Most of what is on the blog relates to the events of World War 3 and that will be lost - a pity of course.

In the past week or so, one of my favourite sources of information, WarNews24/7 has closed down its operation along with all the wonderful news stories.

But that is the world we are living in.

It is sad that out of the last nearly-13 years of blogging I will lose much of the last 3 years.

For most of that time it has been fun and always a duty that I have felt loyal to, much of it at my own expense without constantly asking for donations.

I have enjoyed interacting with you all and my main wish is that you take all this seriously; that is the only reason that drives me these days.

I will still have my own censorship- prone site at and my Substack, and will hold on as long as I can.

Stay strong!

Robin ("Seemorerocks")

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