Friday 5 July 2024


 "Most of our close friends are ill"


It seems only a few years ago that the media and the medical industry were telling us that thanks to the advances of western medicine the life expectancy of people was much higher. People could expect to live longer and healthier (sic) lives and this would be a problem in the future.

I said at the time that this was tosh and we could not expect my generation to live as long as our parents, who thanks to advances in hygiene and medicine did indeed live longer than those who came before them.

This was just a blip in the history of humanity .


I would like to talk briefly about what has happened to those in our intimate circle of friends and family.

My elder brother visited for the first time in several years. He had just recovered from a bad bout of the flu which kept him in bed for 10 days on his own. His complexion was a deathly white and he didn’t look the picture of health.

He has dutifully taken all the vaccines and boosters.

We have a friend who was blown over in the wind some time at the beginning of the pandemic. She spent a long time in hospital and for four years has been prisoner in her upstairs flat, incapacitated and with a leg infection that has never cleared up.

She ended up in hospital and after a row between caregivers and a occupational therapist who shouted that she did not need to be in hospital and did not need respite care.

She was sent back home and within a day or so was back in hospital after being unable to get out of bed and after a blood transfusion ( I have to wonder what was in the blood) but has been able to secure a place in a nursing home for several weeks of respite care.

Once again, our friend who is in her early 80’s but was in reasonable health before all this happened, is vaccinated and has taken all the boosters.

Another friend, in her mid 70’s who has had many years of chronic illness including kidney disease has been in and out of hospital several times in the past 4 years. After experiencing severe pain after a knee replacement operation she was told aggressively that she was “making it all up”. It was only after a consultation with a psychiatrist who reported that she was not making it up but was, indeed, in great pain, that she was given effective medication.

She too has spent her life isolated in her flat, sick and in fear of contracting covid and taken all the vaccines and boosters.

Her health has deteriorated over that time.

Last week she was taken into hospital with regular and major spasms.

This seemed to be a mystery to all until a junior physiotherpist who diagnosed her with Functional Neurological Disorder.

We looked it up and it took all of 30 seconds to find articles, including one published in PubMed that made a connection between this serious condition and the mRNA vaccine.

But all of that to no avail.

Within a few days she was sent home with the doctor aggressively telling her that her bed was needed.

Earlier she had been accused of “using the hospital like a hotel

We have another friend in her mid-70’s who in the past few years was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. As the efficacy of her Levadopa medication has worn off she has experienced increasing frailty and had several falls.

She is currently in hospital after a minor fracture of her hip and wrists. 

She has been told that there are too few hospital beds and has to move to another regional hospital.

Our friend, once again, is fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, in another city her brother-in-law is dying of metastatic liver cancer.

When we rang to report this to our other friends we were told that they both have covid which they think they picked up in the local superette.

Need I point out that they too are fully-vaccinated.

We have another friend who seemed quite healthy until the last couple of years but had two operations for a cancer in the mouth.

Our vaccinated friend is, God willing, making a recovery.

That, practically-speaking, is the entirety of our circle of intimate friends.

I have told of my latest saga here.

Of all the people who remain unvaccinated I am the sole one with a chronic and serious unacknowledged condition who is NOT vaccinated. Everyone else from our limited number of unvaccinated friends seem to be in the finest health.

Sure, some get flu as people always have but beyond that are in the pink of health, or at least as they already have.

Remember 2 years ago we were told that we had to take the vaccine to “remain healthyAll of this could, if you are of a mindset to dismiss this all could be put down to “co-incidence”.

But really? 


In addition to all this I have come across official statistics of the mind-numbing increase in the number of people working in the health sector who are off sick, presumably with covid or with conditions they might not have if their immune systems were still intact.

You will look in vain for this terrible set of statistics to be written about or even acknowledged in the NZ media but there they are, official statistics from te Whatu Ora. - an over 25% change in sick hours amongst health personnel.

No wonder, then, that things are breaking down.

Join a few dots and one might come to the reasonable conclusion that this is affecting everything right across the country.


Don’t expect to find this anywhere in mainstream media but research has indicated a loss of 25 years in the life expectancy of those that have taken the mRNA vaccine.

Jaw-Dropping Fact: CDC Data confirms COVID Vaccine can reduce your Lifespan by at least 24 years

CDC All-Cause Mortality data show that each vaccine dose increased mortality by 7% in the year 2022 compared to the mortality in year 2021.

So if you have had 5 doses then you were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021. If you have had one dose then you were 7% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021. If you are unvaxxed then you were no more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021.

An even more recent paper says that:

Subjects vaccinated lost 37%. of life expectancy compared to the unvaccinated population.

A Critical Analysis of All-Cause Deaths during COVID-19 Vaccination in an Italian Province


I grieve because there is practically no one with whom I can have this discussion, backed up, as it is with scientific papers, statistics etc.

Sadly, it appears that many people have lost their power of critical thinking and logic, in this monumentally-important area at least.

This is for me an unceasing source of grief, not to mention loneliness as I am constantly forced to zip my lips in social interactions.

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