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An attempted coup in Venezuela FOILED

Maduro orders ‘total revision’ of diplomatic ties with US over support for Venezuela’s opposition

Maduro orders ‘total revision’ of diplomatic ties with US over support for Venezuela’s opposition
23 January, 2019

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered a revision of diplomatic relations with the US after the White House has openly urged the opposition to unite and overthrow the “dictator with no legitimate claim to power.”
Ahead of the mass street protests against Maduro on Wednesday, called by the opposition-led National Assembly, US Vice President Mike Pence released a video message reaffirming unwavering support for a regime change in Venezuela. Denouncing Maduro as “a dictator with no legitimate claim to power” who has “never won the presidency in a free and fair election,” Pence declared that time has come for the Venezuelan people to take the matters into their own hands, in a speech peppered with Spanish phrases.

The United States supports the courageous decision by Juan Guaidó, the president of National Assembly, to assert that body’s constitutional powers, declare Maduro a usurper and call for the establishment of a transitional government,” Pence said.

Slamming the speech as shameless US meddling in his country’s internal affairs, Maduro in response promised his supporters to announce specific measures against Washington in the coming hours.

Enough of aggressions and conspiracies, enough is enough!” said Maduro, rejecting the “imperialist interventionism” and open calls for coup d'état that he called unprecedented in the 200-year history of US-Venezuela relations.

Pence Urges Venezuelans To Rise Up Against "Dictator" Maduro After Failed Military Revolt

Dahboo 777

On Tuesday US Vice President Mike Pence urged the Venezuelan people to "make your voices heard" in follow-up to Guaido's risky appeal, which appears a continuation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's comments throwing the United States' full weight behind Venezuela's opposition seeking to depose President Nicolás Maduro, which he made over a week ago while in the Middle East after Maduro was sworn in to a widely contested six-year second term. 
MAJOR: Venezuela Defeats US-Backed Coup Attempt
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22 January, 2019

CARACAS, Venezuela – A group of 27 rebel soldiers rehearsed a riot against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in Caracas on Monday. The uprising, however, was quickly restrained after the rebels posted a video on the internet asking for support.

We are the professional National Guard troops against the regime, which we completely repudiate. I need your help, go on the streets,” said a man who identified himself as group sergeant in a video posted on social networks.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López issued a statement shortly after saying the soldiers were arrested.

Before they attacked a National Guard command center in northern Caracas, where they were captured, they attacked two other security posts, taking four prisoners and fleeing with “weapons of war,” according to the statement.

During the arrest, stolen weapons have been recovered and [the mutineers] are providing useful information to the intelligence services and the military justice system,” Padrino said, adding that the rebels “will face the full force of the law.”

Maduro’s right-hand man and head of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, said 25 soldiers were arrested and two others were detained elsewhere.

The Supreme Court, which is dominated by supporters of the government, later targeted the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition to Maduro. The Supreme Court said that the organ is illegitimate and its decisions are invalid.

Last week, the National Assembly said Maduro was a “usurper” of power and offered amnesty to members of the military and government if they broke with the president.

They are already confessing details and the first thing they said was that they received offers of houses and castles but were left alone, they were deceived, we will win,” added Cabello about the rebels without specifying who allegedly made the offer.

The military fired tear gas to disperse protesters who gathered outside the command post where soldiers were detained. Protesters beat pots and blocked streets.

If they join our country, we are with them, we will stay in the streets,” shouted a woman. “We want Maduro to leave, we’re tired,” added one man.

The US, along with their Colombian and Brazilian puppets, have desperately tried to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela that began with Hugo Chavez. However, all efforts have only failed.

The rebel group invaded the command center at 5 am local time.

Venezuela is here united to reestablish the constitutional link, you wanted that, so do we, enough!” said one official, through a video posted on Twitter, that identified himself as Major Sergeant Figueroa.

Government says 27 national guardsmen have been arrested and accuses ‘shadowy interests’ of launching insurrection

Amid tensions between Venezuela and the United States, there are analyzes about the defense that the South American country has and how it could be won.

Military Watch magazine analyzed this situation and pointed out that Venezuela has advanced military equipment. The country has the latest version of the Russian Su-30 fighters, called MK2, which combine more modern radio-electronic systems, as well as powerful weapons and unparalleled maneuverability.

It is noteworthy that the US has never faced enemy owners of Su-30MK2, generation 4+ fighters, which have considerable advantages over US Air Force bases, consisting of F-15 Eagle and F-18E Super Hornet fighters.

Someone who has been following this in some detail is Florida Maquis on his You Tube channel

Islamberg attack plot

Islamberg attack plot: 4 men arrested in New York state while ‘preparing to bomb’ Muslim settlement

Islamberg attack plot: 4 men arrested in New York state while ‘preparing to bomb’ Muslim settlement
22 January, 2019

Four men, three of them teenagers, were arrested and charged with plotting to attack the reclusive Muslim community of Islamberg in upstate New York. They had prepared multiple explosive devices and over 20 guns for the plot.
Police in the Rochester suburb of Greece arrested three men, aged 20, 19, and 18, and a 16-year-old boy on Friday, and found improvised explosive devices at the 16-year-old’s home. The devices were described as cylinders and mason jars wrapped in duct tape.

Brian ColaneriAndrew CryselVincent Vetromile

NEW: Here are the booking photos of three of the four suspects charged in the plot to attack Islamberg, Delaware County. The fourth suspect is a 16-year-old boy; police are not releasing his name or photo. 

All four have been charged with three counts of possession of dangerous weapons and one count of conspiracy, all felonies. The youngest suspect has been charged as an adolescent offender. Between them, the four had access to 23 guns, Police Chief Patrick Phelan told reporters.
Phelan said that the investigation originally began after a child in a Greece high school overheard a classmate refer to one of the teenagers involved as “the next school shooter,” and told staff.

Their target was allegedly Islamberg, a rural hamlet in the Catskill mountains. Settled by a Pakistani cleric in the 1980s, Islamberg is home to several hundred Muslims and is the headquarters of Muslims of America, an organization that runs similar settlements across the country.

The Catskill mountains are freezing cold in winter, and may seem an unlikely place for a Pakistani cleric to settle on, but Sheikh Mubarik Gilani made the move there over three decades ago, fleeing crime and overcrowding in New York City. His mostly African-American followers who came with him said they wanted a better place to raise their children.

The community is an insular one, and the Muslims of Islamberg have been cautious about granting access to the press. AP reporters that were given limited access in 2017 saw buildings that blend Islamic tradition with the barns and clinker board more common to the region. The settlers tend animals, work in the locality and homeschool their children, free from Western influence.
Rumors of terrorism and fundamentalism have dogged Islamberg since Gilani first bought land there, and the weekend’s arrests were the latest in a series of threats and accusations.

A Tennessee man was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for attempting to gather a militia to burn down Islamberg’s mosque and hit the town with an “armed attack” in 2015. Every year since 2015, a group of anti-Muslim bikers calling themselves ‘American Bikers United Against Jihad’ rumble through the town in an event they call the ‘Ride for National Security.’

Not all of the accusations against Islamberg are based on paranoia. Muslims of America, the organization founded by Gilani, is an offshoot of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, temporarily listed as a terrorist group by the US State Department in 1999. Jamaat ul-Fuqra was responsible for a string of bombing and assassination plots in the US and Canada throughout the 1980s, and its preachers reportedly instructed young followers to travel to Afghanistan to join the Mujahideen in their fight against the Soviets.
However, there is no direct evidence linking Gilani or Islamberg to jihadist activity. Police in the area told AP that they have a good relationship with the Muslims, who are “not a problem” to the wider community in the area. The Anti-Defamation League has said that while some of Gilani’s rhetoric on Jewish people was a “concern,” the cleric was not a terror threat.

Two sides of the story. One side might have some truth behind it; the other is the response of fascist media

Stocks suffer greatest LOSS since Christmas Eve

Stocks Suffer Most Since Xmas Eve As 'Big Trouble' In China Spreads

22 January, 2019

But, but, but last week the China talks were going great and everything was awesome? Now, talks are off and The IMF says the global economy has shit the bed?

China stocks started badly and never got any better after the shitty data hit... No National Team?

European stocks extended yesterday's losses...

US markets were weak overnight after dismal China data (worst annual GDP growth in 28 years) and trade talks headlines (confirming "little progress") but when the "U.S. TURNS DOWN CHINA OFFER OF PREPARATORY TRADE TALKS" headline hit, stocks tanked...

And then - as if on cue with the dow down 450 points - Larry Kudlow shows up on TV and proclaims: "REPORT THAT WHITE HOUSE CANCELED CHINA MTG NOT TRUE... KUDLOW REJECTS FT REPORT ON U.S. TURNING DOWN CHINA PREP TALKS" which sent stocks spiking higher.. but that did not last... but then a mysterious panic bid appeared at the bell (which lifted all indices above their 50DMAs)

By the close, Nasdaq and Trannies were worst (both down over 2%)...some panic buying in the last few seconds...

From Friday's cash open, the Nasdaq has erased all the trade hope gains...

"Most Shorted" stocks fell over 3% today - their biggest drop in six weeks...
Volume was above average today but not huge.
But...95% of S&P 500 stocks were to the downside today - this is the worst tumble, breadth-wise, since December 24.
From a volume perspective, it's also an ugly day... 88% of NYSE volume is in declining stocks, which rivals the 88.4% seen on December 24...

All the major US equity indices broke back below their 50-day moving averages...but bounced back above it thanks to Kudlow and some panic-buying at the bell.

Equity (VIX) and Credit (CDX) protection markets soared higher today...

Treasury yields tumbled between 3 and 5bps on the day...

30Y Yields fell to one-week lows before Kudlow hit...

The dollar is up from Friday's close but roundtripped today to close almost unchanged (The dollar was bid as China data hit)...

Cryptos bounced today pushing Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash green for the week...

PMs managed modest gains as copper and crude were clubbed after China data...

WTI rebounded to $53 after sliding all day...

Finally, history appears to be written as the lagged effects of China's collapsing credit impulse (not offset by central bank balance sheet expansion) are not sending happy signals for global shareholders...

But in the US, it's time for some catch down...

Dow Tumbles 450 Points, All Major US Indices Break Key Technical Support

This is the last thing investors worried about slowing growth in China wanted to see

Stocks took another leg lower Tuesday afternoon after the Financial Times reported that the US had effectively canceled the next round of US-China trade talks, which were expected to take place between senior officials. The talks were expected to set the table for a visit by a delegation led by China's Liu He later this month. The report also calls into question President Trump's rosy outlook on the trade talks.

This week’s planned trip by Wang Shouwen and Liao Min was intended to pave the way for a higher-level meeting in Washington on January 30 and 31 by Liu He, China vice-premier, and Robert Lighthizer, US trade representative. But, according to people briefed on the negotiations, US officials cancelled this week’s face-to-face meetings with Mr Wang, a vice-minister of commerce, and Mr Liao, a vice-minister of finance, because of a lack of progress on “forced” technology transfers and potentially far-reaching “structural” reforms to China’s economy. 

The US refused the offer because Beijing has refused to offer concrete proposals about how they would curb IP theft and also implement certain structural reforms.

Trump’s negotiators wanted Mr Liao, one of Mr Liu’s closest aides, and Mr Wang to come to face-to-face talks in Washington with a written offer outlining how Beijing intended to address US complaints about technology transfers and structural reforms.

But, according to the people briefed on the stalemate, Mr Xi’s negotiators are refusing to alter their long-standing position that foreign companies are not forced to transfer technology to Chinese companies.

They also argue that Beijing’s recent offer to improve market access for foreign investors in certain sectors — and strengthen protection of intellectual property — should address US concerns.

Notably, the report follows a WSJ report earlier in the day which cited the work of independent business groups who found that China is moving ahead with its "Made in China 2025" initiative despite rumors late last year that China would move away from the policy. The Trump administration has repeatedly criticized the policy as an example of anti-competitive state support for domestic industry.

Dow futures are down over 400 points, accelerating losses on the trade headlines...

The IMF's warning

The IMF Issues A Worldwide Warning: “The Risk Of A Sharper Decline In Global Growth Has Certainly Increased”

January, 2019

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde made headlines all over the globe this week when she declared that “the risk of a sharper decline in global growth has certainly increased”.  As you will see below, signs of economic trouble are popping up all over the planet, and pretty much just about everyone is now acknowledging that the global economy is slowing down.  But does that mean that we are headed for a global recession in 2019?  Well, things certainly do not look good right now, but there is still time to turn things around.  But in order to turn things in a more positive direction, something has got to be done to stop the downward momentum that seems to be accelerating in the early portion of this year.

On Monday, the IMF slashed their forecast for global economic growth for the second time in three months
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised down its estimates for global growth on Monday, warning that the expansion seen in recent years is losing momentum.
The Fund now projects a 3.5 percent growth rate worldwide for 2019 and 3.6 percent for 2020. These are 0.2 and 0.1 percentage points below its last forecasts in October — making it the second downturn revision in three months.

But at least they are still projecting global economic growth this year, and many would argue that “a 3.5 percent growth rate” is wildly optimistic.
At this point, it seems like just about everywhere you look economic confidence is declining.  For example, one recent survey found that the percentage of global CEOs that believe that the world economy will slow down over the next year has jumped dramatically
Rising populism, policy uncertainty and trade conflicts have led to a sharp drop in confidence among global CEOs.
The share of chief executives who think the global economy will slow over the next year has jumped to nearly 30% from 5% in 2018, according to a survey of 1,300 top business leaders by audit giant PwC.

At least publicly, corporate CEOs usually want to put a positive spin on the future, and so it is absolutely astounding that this number has risen so much in a single year.

But there is no denying what is happening around the world right now.  Over in Asia, China just announced that 2018 was the worst year for economic growth that country had seen in 28 years.

In addition, Chinese corporate bond defaults soared to an all-time record high in 2018, and it looks like 2019 could easily be even worse.

On the other side of the globe, Europe’s largest economy actually contracted during the third quarter
In Europe, its largest economic powerhouse Germany has been dented after it was announced the German economy had contracted in the third quarter.
This left Berlin skirting on the fringe of recession territory with economists fearing the most powerful economy in Europe was on the brink of financial chaos.

Europe faces great uncertainty during the months ahead.  There is a very real possibility that we could have a “no deal Brexit”, Italy is teetering on the brink of complete and total financial ruin, and the entire European banking system could begin to collapse at any time.

Meanwhile, we continue to get more indications that the U.S. economy is slowing down as well.

For example, on Monday we got news that JCPenney is on the precipice of bankruptcy”
JCPenney already finds itself in a precarious position in the first month of 2019: stocks are dwindling, sales are falling, and its desolate boardroom is still waiting for a number of senior vacancies to be filled.
Analysts fear the multitude of problems the department store is now facing points towards a ‘broken business’ balancing on the precipice of bankruptcy.
And just like its once fierce competitor Sears, all 846 of its stores could face closure, potentially affecting thousands of workers and risking another heavy blow to an already beaten-and-bruised retail sector.

Just like Sears, JCPenney is headed for zero, but it will take some time for the process to fully play out.

And the same thing is true for the nation as a whole.  As James Howard Kunstler observed in his most recent article, our financial system “is on a slow boat to oblivion”…
As in this age of Hollywood sequels and prequels, America prefers to recycle old ideas rather than entertain new ones, so you can see exactly how the 2020 presidential election is shaping up to be a replay of the Great Depression, with Roosevelt-to-rescue! — only this time it’ll be with somebody in the role of Eleanor Roosevelt as chief executive. Donald Trump, of course, being the designated bag-holder for all the financial blunders of the past decade, gets to be Herbert Hoover. As was the case in the original, economic depression will segue into war, with maybe not such a happy ending for us as World War Two was.
There should be no doubt that the money part of the story is on a slow boat to oblivion. The world has been running on loans to such a grotesque degree that it’s managed the impressive feat of bankrupting the future. The collateral for all that debt was the conviction that there were ample amounts of future “growth” up ahead to service that debt. That conviction is now evaporating as car sales plummet, and real estate goes south, and nations twang each other over trade, and global supply lines wither. Globalism is unwinding — and not for the first time, either.

Of course most ordinary Americans are not getting prepared for what is ahead because they do not believe that anything is going to happen.
Despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary, most people believe that the system is stable and that our political leaders can easily fix any problems that may arise.

Unfortunately, the truth is not that simple.  Our problems have been building for decades, and at this point there is no way that this story is going to end well.